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Sustainable Theming

Sustainable theming practices in Drupal by

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Sustainable Theming

  1. 1. Sustainable theming Its actually not just about theming.
  2. 2. What is it?
  3. 3. Sustainable Theming is... developing a site that does not rely on you. You being the key word. process for multi-person development teams. keeping the team healthy. streamlining your business processes. patience.
  4. 4. It is not... about you.
  5. 5. It is not... CSS built before data architecture plan or development CSS built before content types CSS built before Views CSS built before proliferated content CSS built before fiddling with the TPLs About writing HTML Limited to theming
  6. 6. It’s about relying on what’s there The markup structure that is coming from the system. Using the markup provided by modules like Views and CCK. And if you have a problem with the markup, get involved in making it better, in core, and not rewriting it yourself.
  7. 7. It may not be for... a solo web developer a person who will never update a site. mortendk ;) unless we can get him drunk enough
  8. 8. Who is it for?
  9. 9. And it’s not about the technique
  10. 10. So why should you do it?
  11. 11. So You Don’t Get Burned!!!
  12. 12. So you can take a vacation!
  13. 13. and... Avoid having to start from scratch every time. Easier to work in parallel with other teams. So the client/maintainer can extend the site...without you, or a developer, or CSS additions, or HTML modifications, or TPL tweaking.
  14. 14. Why can’t we... put the power in the hands of the user? make ourselves replaceable? make things easier on the maintainer?
  15. 15. Palantir’s Approach
  16. 16. Palantir’s Approach There is no stylistic approach to HTML or CSS Re-arranging markup first, rarely removing or modifying markup Admin before TPL Consider ease of workflow over ease of theming
  17. 17. Why we use Zen Because we have Layout method for commit access markup source reordering CSS broken out by task Common starting Semantic markup point Paint by numbers CSS Flexible and complex designs, predictable Logic based CSS markup and CSS classes
  18. 18. Why we transitioned So we could support sites 6+ months after release. So our clients could extend their own sites. So our clients could adopt their sites as their own. So we could have multiple themers on a project. So we could streamline our process.
  19. 19. Streamline your business process design process development process Q/A knowledge transfer
  20. 20. Drupal is not a website.
  21. 21. Drupal is a content management system
  22. 22. Just because it works doesn’t mean it’s right.