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Tracking Engagement, KPI’s Across Multiple Social Media Sites - El Consultador


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A few weeks before the MITX awards ceremony, ISITE Design created a short video called “El Consultador” as an introduction to other agencies.

The El Consultador campaign generated diverse social data. This created issues with tracking data from multiple social media sites across problems with social media is that these is no singular way to gather and rank all of the data over time. Tools like Radian6 and Trucast are in use by larger agencies and businesses, but there exist an increasing amount of free tools for data visualization and engagement reporting that are available online.

Creating a consistent brand all through many all social sites one of the best ways to maximize the value of a character or brand campaign.

Ryan Summers and I created a presentation on how to track users across various social media sites using mostly free tools. It was given at Web Analytics Wednesday in Portland, Oregon.

Fictional character creation is a useful tool in creating an intriguing narrative that captures attention, especially since the character can be easily adapted to fit different digital spaces, such as Video, Microblogging, and Image sharing sites. Media diversity is also useful in building and unifying online communities that access with media in separate channels.

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Tracking Engagement, KPI’s Across Multiple Social Media Sites - El Consultador

  1. 1. Web Analytics Wednesday
  2. 2. A project that tracks analytics of ISITE Design's El Consultador meme across various social networks.
  3. 3. Flickr Profile
  4. 4. Flickr Pictures
  5. 5. YouTube
  6. 6. Vimeo Likes Vimeo
  7. 7. Vimeo Results
  8. 8. Google Analytics Google Analytics
  9. 9. Twitter Profile
  10. 10. Twitter Mobile
  11. 11. Tweetstats
  12. 12. TweetVolume
  13. 13. Twitter Stream Graphs
  14. 14. Intelligence Feed
  15. 15. Intelligence Feed Visual Results
  16. 16. Blogger Reviews Blogger Reviews