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Types of homes answers


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Types of homes answers

  1. 1. Part 1. Instructions. First, watch the video we have prepared for your. Then, label the followingtypes of houses. Use the vocabulary listed in the box to the right. Vocabulary tree house apartment igloo stilt houseAdobe house cottage stilt house cottage bungalow caravan shack hutapartment tree house houseboat houseboat adobe house castlebungalow hut caravan Vocabulary Exercise for ENIS Level 2
  2. 2. shack igloo castlePart 2. Instructions. Match the types of house on the left with the descriptions on the right._08_ Tree House 01. A house built over a river or lake_05_ Caravan 02. A house to live in rivers, lakes or seas_09_ Castle 03. A kind of home in a building in cities_07_ Hut 04. A home made with mud and dirt_03_ Apartment 05. A movable house on wheels_06_ Cottage 06. A house made of wood in the mountains_10_ Shack 07. A house common in tropical countries_01_ Bungalow 08. A house now used for recreation_11_ Stilt House 09. A home for queens and kings_02_ Houseboat 10. A house built with cartoon, plastic, etc._04_ Adobe house 11. A house built on poles near lagoons Vocabulary Exercise for ENIS Level 2