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Dealing With Five Major Family Issues


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The family is the smallest unit of society which involves a group of people classified as the father, the mother and children.

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Dealing With Five Major Family Issues

  1. 1. dealing with five major family The family is the smallest unit of society which involves a group of people classified as the father, the mother and children. They live together in a home and assign tasks for each member of the family to attain a harmonious relationship with one another. The parents are the ones responsible for bringing up and taking care of the children. The children, on the other hand, are sometimes asked to help with the household chores. However, there's no such thing as perfect family. Family members may encounter problems, conflicts and misunderstandings every once in a while.There are countless issues that a family could have. Let's have a look at the 5 major ones. Religious Belief Religion instills faith and spirituality into a human being. Thus, it enables a family to achieve a better living. But why does it become an issue? One of its key concerns is the conflict on differences in beliefs between the family members. Parents and children may have different standpoints when it comes to their spiritual certainty which can usually incite disagreement and misunderstanding within the family. Divorce Divorce has been increasing rapidly and considered as one of the major issues in our society nowadays. In fact, 40-50% of couples are choosing legal separation as the solution to their marital dissatisfaction. Indeed, it affects the family life cycle and unfortunately, the children are the ones most affected. Financial Problems Every parent knows how challenging it is to keep a steady and consistent income just to sustain the needs of the family. The financial pressure starts from situations such as; baby boomers needing financial support, debt issues, wrong financial management, medical expenses, low income, costs of living, etc. Moreover, proper money management has sometimes been overlooked by many families. In-Law Issues Dealing with in-laws is one other issue that a family could be facing right now. There are certain in-law rules that bring about argument between the family members, simply because they do not agree on some things like how the family is managed by the mother, or how the father provides for the family. Some spouses are having difficulties handling this matter and they just end up getting used to the situation.
  2. 2. Overly Busy Having an overly busy schedule can hinder quality time and intimate connection within the family.To the parents, they may find it helpful for their kids to be busy with different activities in school, but it can actually create problem as parents will not be aware of how their children are growing up; their behaviors and attitude. How to Deal With These Issues? Dealing with family issues starts by analyzing the situation and finding the best ways on how to solve the problem. Communication is always the key. It is important to discuss the issue with the whole family before the situation gets worse. It is also imperative that everyone must participate in the discussion and voice their concerns to make sure that they all get addressed. Encountering different issues is a normal aspect of family life. It is important to balance every family member's needs or wants and to be sensitive with everyone's feelings. Having a beautiful and happy family is what everybody wants, and this can only be achieved through understanding, respect and a peaceful resolution whenever a problem takes place. Nevertheless, if you think you can no longer handle the situation, seeking family therapy or counseling is not a very bad idea. Jevelme Frago is a work at home mom who loves to write about parenting, relationship and marriage issues. She believes that therapy and counseling can help the whole family to deal with family issues.