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Accession Intl Capabilities Statement - 2011

Accession International, Inc.'s Capabilities Statement - highlighting Accession International's business development and market entry assistance in Western & Central Africa.

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Accession Intl Capabilities Statement - 2011

  1. 1. Capability Statement
  2. 2. Accession International Providing the Privilege of Access Who We Are: Accession International was formed in fall of 2006 in order to assist global businesses in gaining access to natural resource and infrastructure development opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, Accession International serves as a market access and business development resource for international extractive industry and infrastructure companies seeking to do business in the Gulf of Guinea, specifically in Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana and Gabon. What We Do: Accession International has a track record of success in helping its clients expand in Gulf of Guinea countries. Clients who have benefited from the firm’s methodology and expertise in Africa include Fortune 500 companies as well as privately-held multinational firms. Working seamlessly with a client’s existing business development team or independently as outsourced business developers, Accession International saves time, opens doors and creates executable business opportunities — ultimately positioning our clients for market entry success. Principals: C. Derek Campbell, Managing Director, has 16 years of experience spanning business development, management and in-country work in the Gulf of Guinea. Mr. Campbell specializes in guiding the penetration efforts of companies into African markets by providing strategic business intelligence, due diligence and targeted deal execution. Mr. Campbell, who is also a field grade officer in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, earned a B.S. in Technology & Management from the University of Maryland, College Park. Jacques P. Walker, Deputy Managing Director, has over 19 years of senior executive management experience supporting public and private-sector initiatives in the U.S. and in emerging markets worldwide. Mr. Walker focuses on projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, having worked directly in over 15 African countries. Notably, Mr. Walker has advised his clients on strategic acquisitions and assisted with the structuring of a $250 million U.S. Export-Import Bank three-party facility with the Government of Ghana and a leading pharmaceutical company. Mr. Walker earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park. Our Locations: Accession International is headquartered in metropolitan Washington, D.C., with operations in Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Ghana. We also have a strategic presence in the U.K., Portugal, and Germany. Accession International 6213 Executive Boulevard Rockville, Maryland, USA 20852 Phone: +1 202 379 2990 Toll Free: +1 866 834 4328 Fax: +1 888 877 9944 Email: Web:
  3. 3. Accession International Providing the Privilege of Access Case Studies: OMV/EconGas GmbH Client: EconGas, GmbH (subsidiary of OMV Gas & Power, GmbH) –EconGas is Austria’s largest wholesale and business-to-business natural gas supplier. EconGas is a multi-billion euro company that distributes physical product and trades both Pipeline Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Problem: EconGas sought to find new sources of LNG to address capacity requirements, most notably those at the Gas Access To Europe (GATE) facility in Rotterdam (3bcm per annum). Looking towards untapped-markets in Africa, EconGas approached Accession International to assist with developing these new markets in the Gulf of Guinea. Solution: Accession International efficiently identified and evaluated public and private sector opportunities in the natural gas industry throughout the Gulf of Guinea. EconGas utilized Accession International’s expertise to strategically raise its profile in their target market. Moreover, Accession International provided critical business intelligence and decision-maker access on key projects which enabled EconGas to develop momentum in penetrating their target market. As a result, in just under 15 months OMV/EconGas has been positioned as a viable offtake partner in four major Hydrocarbon markets – Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. AECOM Client: AECOM, (NYSE: ACM) is a global provider of professional technical and management support services to a broad range of markets, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, water and government. With approximately 46,000 employees, annual revenue in excess of US$ 6 billion, and projects in over 100 countries, AECOM is a leader in all of the key markets that it serves. Problem: AECOM, through its International Government Solutions (IGS) Group, desired to capture new business opportunities in the Gulf of Guinea, with planned initial market penetration in Equatorial Guinea (EG). AECOM has limited business exposure in Sub-Saharan Africa, and required experts to help de- sign, develop, and implement its business development strategy. Solution: Accession International, leveraging its experience and expertise in the Gulf of Guinea, devel- oped and is now implementing a new business capture strategy on behalf of AECOM in EG. Accession is assisting AECOM in identifying and qualifying new contract opportunities, and positioning AECOM to demonstrate its value proposition to EG government decision-makers. As opportunities develop in EG, Accession plans to assist AECOM in establishing a market presence in other Gulf of Guinea countries. IPX International Systems, Inc. Client: IPX International Systems, Inc. is a global communications company delivering complete communications solutions to customers in a variety of industries including extractive industry, infrastructure, government, and military support clients, notably in challenging and remote environments. Problem: IPX wanted to expand their Africa business into of the Gulf of Guinea, targeting multinationals and public sector projects. Solution: Accession International assisted IPX in generating new Accession International business in the region valued at well over $20 Million. Accession 6213 Executive Boulevard International worked seamlessly with IPX senior management and Rockville, Maryland, USA 20852 business development personnel. Accession International provided Phone: +1 202 379 2990 guidance through each stage of the business development and client Toll Free: +1 866 834 4328 capture process, facilitating introductions to targeted clients, conducting Fax: +1 888 877 9944 due diligence on the viability of projects, and structuring the business Email: relationships and closing the deals. Web:
  4. 4. Accession International Providing the Privilege of Access Client Testimonials: Jean-Robert Barallon, Senior Vice-President Effectiveness: “Through hiring the services of Accession International, IPX was recently able to win a multi-million dollar contract in Angola and get a strong and sustained foothold in the Angolan marketplace.” Rudolf Huber, Director – Business Development Acceleration of market penetration: “In less than 18 months, EconGas has been positioned in several Gulf of Guinea markets as a viable off-take partner for several LNG producing nations and also as a potential participating partner in several mid-sized LNG projects in the region.” Remi Olowude, Executive Vice Chairman New market penetration: “Accession International successfully advised the IGI Group in our expansion into several new markets in Africa. In less than 24 months, Accession International helped IGI grow its investment portfolio in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and other key markets.” Accession International 6213 Executive Boulevard Rockville, Maryland, USA 20852 Phone: +1 202 379 2990 Toll Free: +1 866 834 4328 Fax: +1 888 877 9944 Email: Web: