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Travel and Hospitality Management Company


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National Hotels Association is a Full Service Travel and Hotel Brokerage Company that was established to meet the needs and expectations of the Latin market by providing exceptional customer service, competitive rates and cutting edge technology. For Direct Wholesale rates - Download our app. Text NHA to 99629

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Travel and Hospitality Management Company

  1. 1. An Official Housing Corporation 2015
  2. 2. TOPICS OF DISCUSSION • Why use NHA • Benefits of Outsourcing • Summary of Qualifications • Services at a Quick Glance • Travel Professionals • Reconciliation Process • Pre-Screening • Company Information
  3. 3. WHY USE National Hotels Association? We are Fast, Efficient, & Versatile At NHA we provide comprehensive solutions for companies in need of Reservation Management, locally and nationally while offering, easy to navigate management tools for executive team, senior management, work crews and attendees. • Competitive Advantage • The competitive advantage in our business model and business unit as a whole is in our ability to embrace technology and data. As already evidenced in our ability to move from a bricks and mortar operator to an online platform, we realize the potential in cloud technology, fast service and consumer data. • Much like banks have begun to do throughout the World, we leverage off the cloud, off mobile applications and the massive amount of insight we can gain in to how our platform is used and how consumers are interacting with our services. • This means we deliver a faster service than our competitors. One that is constantly improving as we make adjustments and respond to internal and external feedback. Our reliability is second to none, and along with our impeccable customer service reinforces our importance within the marketplace. Our Corporate Hospitality Managers are carefully recruited, personally interviewed, thoroughly reference-checked and evaluated before being placed. At NHA, we recruit from a national labor pool, so you get the benefit of looking beyond the reach of the typical on-line web sites to attract temporary, temp-to-perm and direct hire employees. Let us provide your perfect fit. Introducing: Majdeline Palmer – Contract Manager l Revenue Analyst l Reservations Director
  4. 4. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION: NHA, is a dedicated, professional, experienced official hospitality management firm that specializes in the Hospitality Service Industry (HSI) with over a decade of proven success and a combined 39yrs of experience. NHA, manage numerous accounts with permanent placement positions with our housing management team. NHA is a privately owned and independently operated company certified with IATAN – IATA # 20-7 9697 0 NHA, uses an advanced online Global Distribution Hotel System for reservation managing, hotel rate monitoring, invoice reporting and data management. The database allows for rapid scaling and development of applications, features, functionality, and integration with other platforms. The most significant implication of this technology is the wide range of customizations available for use in delivering real-time hotel confirmations, as well as researching and selecting Room accommodations. NHA, cultivates and manages relationships among contacts, hotel brokers, colleagues and clients that is critical to landing and conducting professional and executive searches. NHA, forms of communication include, but are not limited to: Phone, E-mail, Mobile APPS, CRM, CSM and social networks.
  5. 5. NHA SERVICES PROVIDED AT A QUICK GLANCE NHA provides Contract services for the following:  Fortune 500 Corporations and Partnerships  Festivals, Concerts, Tours and Online Travel Agencies (OTA)  Tradeshow Developers  International Hotel Brokers  Direct Affiliate Contracts with hotels NHA services include:  Contract Analysis  Rigorous Review process as specified by the Client’s description  Interviewing and Corporate Matchup  Reference Checks completed & reviewed  Evaluations / Skill assessment Invoicing Procedures  NHA has adopted various technologies to reduce administrative and operational costs for our clients. Invoice for contract and direct hire provided by NHA.  Emailed Invoices: All invoices shall be emailed directly to the responsible processing individual(s) at your organization.  Electronic Fund Transfers: NHA may execute an electronic fund transfer (EFT) to satisfy commissions remitted
  6. 6. TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS  NHA specializes in developing Travel and Hospitality Professionals. Our years of experience combined with a full knowledge of the F.I.T industry ensures that all your needs will be fully understood and met.  From Agents to Meeting Planners to Sales and Account Managers. NHA maintains a vast database of talent, culled over fifteen years experience in the entertainment and hospitality management industry, and continually updated to ensure that all hotel brokers are qualified in the latest skills and technologies needed to excel  We provide both Official Housing and Temporary Services:  National Floaters  Corporate Management Brokers  Group Air Agents  Meeting Planners  Leisure Agents  Reservation Account Management  Travel Translators  260 offices World Wide, 700,000 Hotels, AAA Technology Logistics Award
  7. 7. Reconciliation Process After the completion of the event, our accounting department will start the audit process. This process starts as soon as the guests have checked out and can take up to 30 days to be completed. During the audit process we make sure that: 1. The hotels billed us correctly. 2. We billed the guests correctly. 3. All refunds have been processed. 4. Commission is paid. 5-Step Process: 1. Once the guests have checked-out, we request folios from the hotels. 2. We reconcile the their stay by matching the hotel's folio to our records. If a guest extended his stay directlty with the hotel, we will adjust his reservation and bill him for the additional night(s) 3. Process any refunds due to the guests. 4. We audit all hotel invoices to make sure the hotels billed us correctly. We make sure that they didn't charge any incidental charges to our account, that they didn't overcharge us and that the rate is listed correctly on the invoice. 5. Once the folios have been reconciled and all the refunds have been processed, we can determine the profit: Total monies received LESS Total monies paid. 5a. Once the total profit is determined, we calculate the commission that is due and send you a report along with a check.
  8. 8. PRE-SCREENING  The Corporate Hotel Manager that NHA hires, must pass a pre-screening phone interview, followed by a personal in depth interview.  The potential Corporate Hotel Manager is required to prove their skill level on NHA’s– GDS, APOLLO, SABRE, CMS, CRM and WORLDSPAN.  If successful, NHA would require reference checks from prior working travel, hospitality and entertainment managers.  All temporary call center Agents would be required to sign a legal contract which would summarize all policies and procedures of NHA and Indemnify our clients from potential risk.  At this point, the temporary Agent would become an employee of NHA, ready to be deployed.
  9. 9. BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING  Savings: control costly recruitment and employee related expenses  Flexibility: respond to the ever changing industry and economy  Access: provide experienced, reliable, dedicated hotel managers  Speed: meet immediate or unexpected personnel requirements  Selectivity: utilize a national labor pool  Liability: E&O, Workman Comp, Travel, Bonded, Licensed (Insured)  Opportunity: Experience “Face to Face” services…
  10. 10. An Official Housing Corporation Corporate l 888.316.3572 International Hotel Broker Carolynn Le