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Opening Fiscal data in Italy - Citizen participation and fight against corruption


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Aline Pennisi is a public policy analyst, working at the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Interested in experimenting ways to bring the management of democracy back into the public realm, she has been actively promoting open data and civic monitoring projects.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Opening Fiscal data in Italy - Citizen participation and fight against corruption

  1. 1. Fiscal policy ? Aggregate data on public finance (they tend to have strict rules and to be heavily scrutinized, usually easily available especially ex-post with national accounts … however less when ex ante forecasts….) National / local Budgets (there are some rules but not necessarily comparable across space or time, they might not cover all everything you would like … might be too aggregate …. in access, timing might ba as important as format) Data on specific public policies or funds (detailed data on how much as spent to which project, to whom, where, for what purpose … usually easier to engage with because closer to peoples experience) Data on single invoices (can have specific uses, espsecially when analysing public procurement but usually requires a lot of work to make sense of …) What about data on tax collection ? (it would be just as important to understand public policies and impact issues but does not seem in vogue…. Might have to sort out privacy issues too )
  2. 2. http://dwrgsweb-
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  6. 6. press forward
  7. 7. press forward
  8. 8. Raising a generation of civic awareness