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How to target the correct audience using SM contests

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How to target the correct audience using SM contests

  1. 1. How to target the CORRECT audience using contests on Social MediaBy Michal CepekOn November 2, 2011
  2. 2. It is relatively easy to gain followers/fans using SM contests
  3. 3. Problem –we needthem to be targeted!
  4. 4. Three considerations 1) Correct SM platform 2) Correct form of contest 3) Correct prize
  5. 5. 1) Correct SM platform • Before launching a SM contest campaign, the company must know where its audience is. • Not only Facebook and Twitter! ▫ Artists: deviantART ▫ Photographers: Flickr ▫ Music fans:
  6. 6. Contest on - Logitech
  7. 7. Contest on deviantART
  8. 8. 2) Correct form of contest • Many forms of participation ▫ Like/Follow/Join ▫ Share a status/tweet ▫ Active contribution  Write a review/exp/blog entry  Upload a photo  Make a video
  9. 9. 2) Correct form of contest
  10. 10. 3) Correct prize • Bigger is not always better • Cash = not suitable if looking for targeted customers • Generic prizes appeal to a wide range of people • Carefully selected prizes do better job in attracting interested audience
  11. 11. 3) Correct prize (cont.) • The prize doesn’t have to be physical. It can be a public honor or status for the winner. • Selected prize needs to do 2 things: ▫ Encourage people in the niche to enter the contest. ▫ Discourage people who aren’t in the niche from entering.
  12. 12. Examples Tickets to the next show; band Musician merchandise Meal for 2; coffee for life; Restaurant / Café cooking lesson from the chef Tickets to the next game; signed Sports merchandise Tickets to the red carpet premiere; movie passes; movie Movies merchandise Top selling product; a copy of Website / Ecommerce your e-book; gift card Free subscription of the Magazine publisher magazine Merchandise from the show; Television dinner with the biggest star
  13. 13. Thank you for yourattention!