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Open Education 2013: CC Update

30 min CC update at the 2013 "10th Anniversary" Open Education Conference

Open Education 2013: CC Update

  1. 30 min update… @cgreen
  2. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under:
  3. (1) CC 4.0 Licenses Late November, 2013 CC Education will run webinars Re: “CC 4.0 for Education”
  4. (2) Intergovernmental Organization Creative Commons Licenses November, 2013
  5. (3)
  6. Open resources can improve access to and participation in research, education, technology, and culture... But not enough people know what “open” means or how to apply it.
  7. (4)
  8. Current educational resource funding cycle does not maximize dissemination, economic efficiency, social impact Government RFPs announced, education grants awarded Slowed learning, poor return on public investment Educational resources produced Public granted little or no reuse rights Peer review limited to grantee's institution Public does not know about education resources Copyright with grantee, no obligation to share Content only used at grantee institution
  9. Optimized educational resource funding cycle maximizes public access, economic efficiency, social impact Government RFPs announced, open license requirements included, education grants awarded Accelerated learning, maximum return on public investment Educational resources produced Public granted full reuse rights Peer review broadene d to education communit y Public knows about education resources Copyright vests with grantee, all resources openly licensed Content used by grantee and beyond
  10. Publicly funded resources should be openly licensed resources.
  11. $500 million – Round 3 ($2 billion over four years)
  12. IDEA ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Warsaw CC Summit 2011 OER on the radar of policymakers CC affiliates requested support current efforts decentralized and uncoordinated need a network to share and discuss need best data, toolkits, arguments let’s not miss opportunities that arise!
  13. MISSION ● Foster the creation, adoption, and implementation of open policies that advance the public good. ● Do this by supporting advocates, organizations, policymakers, and connecting policy opportunities with those who can provide assistance.
  14. PRINCIPLES ● ‘Open Policy’ mantra: publicly funded resources are openly licensed resources ● Default aim for licensing: Open Definition (with preference for CC BY and CC0). ● Do not recreate the wheel; leverage expertise ● Work with existing policy recommendations: Paris OER, BOAI, Panton Principles, Communia, etc. ● Free for anyone to join. Contribute and abide by mission and guiding principles.
  15. WORK PLAN ● Link to, catalog, and curate existing policy resources. ● Build new resources and/or services only where capacity or expertise does not currently exist. ● Connect policy makers to experts. ● Provide baseline level of assistance for all opportunities. ● Share information with openly with members and the public, using open licenses (of course), multiple languages, transparent fashion.
  16. Institute for Open Leadership
  17. (5) Draft CC Education Strategy revising now… CC Education will host webinar(s) & post to OER lists to get your feedback
  19. Credits ● Open Policy Network slides – from Tim Vollmer @ Creative Commons ● Big idea Icon - from the Noun Project, Public Domain ● Blueprint Icon - by Dimitry Sokolov, from The Noun Project - CC BY ● Check List Icon - by fabrice dubuy, from The Noun Project - CC BY ● Hackathon - by Iconathon 2012 - CC0 ● Question Icon - by Rémy Médard, from The Noun Project - CC BY
  20. Dr. Cable Green Director of Global Learning @cgreen

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30 min CC update at the 2013 "10th Anniversary" Open Education Conference


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