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Ppt mt 1 (2)


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AIL 690 Mobile Tech Presentation

Published in: Technology
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Ppt mt 1 (2)

  1. 1. Is Mobile Technology the wave Mobile Technologyof the future? is it the next big wave of Christi Trucks AIL 690 technology? NTY5NDg
  2. 2. ks Advantages Convenient Easy Portable Students are familiar withtechnology and applications
  3. 3. Evernote Collaborate with others via computer __fp=srVCo4DdxLo3yWPvuidLz-TPR6I9Jhx8&username=cgtrucks&login=Sign+in&login=true&_sourcePage=9b_9M YXN21_iMUD9T65RG-nFFPir8HPyAW_sgkunOAPkz0eiPSYcfA%3 D%3D&targetUrl=#v=t&n=f4300160- 87ea-4b66-8693-d007045a2f68&b=0
  4. 4. Photosharing Uploading pictures is easy and can be done anytime anywhere.
  5. 5. Cloud AppsIncluding news, blogs, & wikis texting-by-giving-students- phones/
  6. 6. Thoughts