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About us - ChalkStreet


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What is ChalkStreet?

ChalkStreet is an online learning platform where you can learn anything from programming to kick-boxing by taking our micro-courses. ChalkStreet aspires to make learning a habit!

Why ChalkStreet?

Quality Learning - ChalkStreet is equipped with a robust learning platform with features that enable a high quality learning experience that rivals classroom learning. Add that to the amazing teachers we are collaborating with who are also accomplished experts in their fields.

Affordable - ChalkStreet has a good mix of free and nominally priced courses, for we believe in not just offering the best courses, but offering them at prices you can afford.

Micro-courses - With falling attention spans, we in ChalkStreet have designed courses short enough to keep you interested, and long enough to accomplish your learning needs. The courses are further broken down to small, manageable chunks to give you flexibility.

Convenience -You can learn at your convenient time of the day, at your own pace and for as many times as you would like to. Once you enroll to a course, the course contents are available to you, long after you’ve completed the course.

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About us - ChalkStreet

  1. 1. Affordable online learning by India’s best teachers
  2. 2. 1.28 billion people in India have the right to learn. But for a vast majority learning is… Inaccessible Irrelevant Unaffordable Sub-standard Too far away… Too few access points... Too difficult to get into… Choice between…. Expensive Or Bad Outdated curriculum… One-size fits all… Ineffective teaching methods… Too few teachers… Poor quality teachers…
  3. 3. Affordable Learning for All …because economic standing, location and language shouldn’t OurVision
  4. 4. India’s Best Teachers Learners across the country We offer a learning platform that brings together…
  5. 5. Differentiator #1 Affordable, high-quality, relevant content Micro-courses from India’s best teachers Instructional Design led Content Rigorous Quality Gating process Relevant Content targeting the needs of Indian Learners
  6. 6. Differentiator #2 Blended Learning Platform Learning Aids to provide a Wholesome Experience Unique Learning Methodologies tied to Learning Needs Social Learning through Peer Feedback and Discussions Validation of learning through Tests, Assignments and Expert Reviews
  7. 7. Teachers Learners Monetary Success More Content from More Teachers Greater Adoption Relevant Content for more Learners Initial content Early Adoption 1 2 3 4 5 6 We want to spin the marketplace wheel… Early Success 7
  8. 8. ChalkStreet is well positioned to take advantage of the huge market opportunity By 2025, India is predicted to be home to the largest working-age population World’s Workforce India’s Workforce The formal and supplementary education sector form a huge chunk of the economic pie of India.
  9. 9. Access to 250,000 captive students annually across 800+ colleges “…few companies that really stood out …After careful evaluation, we were convinced that one company really led the pack in terms of the traction that they have achieved. Please join us in congratulating Coimbatore-based Focus Academy for Career Enhancement (FACE)” We start with some competitive advantages... We are fuelled by Focus Academy for Career Enhancement Experience building innovative education products including Faceboard – a class room learning solution aimed at improving teacher-learner interaction Access to high-quality content and content providers Experience in rapidly scaling up in the Indian education sector
  10. 10. Venkata RaghulanV Founder Rajesh Kumar Founder Raj Karthik CTO Tyagarajan Sundaresan CEO And have a strong team to drive success. IIM Kozhikode, 2007 FACE (Co-founder) Deloitte Consulting, Citibank IIM Bangalore, 2007 Amazon, Flipkart, Deloitte Consulting IIM Kozhikode, 2007 FACE (Co-founder) Citibank,Wealth Advisors CEG, Guindy Technology Entrepreneur rWorks Inc