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[Challenge:Future] One Education For All : DiA Desire Innovate to Achieve: My Dream Job


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[Challenge:Future] One Education For All : DiA Desire Innovate to Achieve: My Dream Job

  1. 1. The Dream JobDiA Desire Innovate to Achieve Sachi Bansal (India) Anuraag Gupta (India) Seema Bansal (India)
  2. 2.  To be a Professor, Inventor, Researcher, Innovator and of course a learner at forefront of neo-education Neo-education ◦ An education system in which there is global access to the best education to all parts of the world ◦ Making full use of projection-based gesture- driven technologies.
  4. 4.  A global education platform accessible to all in all the languages No classroom teacher necessary as teachers will be teaching in global classrooms Quality education and top schools will not be limited only to the top ranker students but with the neo education platform, anyone who is willing to learn will get to learn.
  5. 5.  Gesture based skill learning  3D sensing platform will then Gesture- be completely in use in the based virtual field of education. teaching
  6. 6. 2023 WILL NOT BE THE SAMEFOR :Visually challengedPhysically HandicappedUnskilled LabourersMentally HandicappedThey all will haveaccess to thisONE EDUCATIONPLATFORM FORALL THROUGHTECHNOLOGY.
  7. 7. Using this Neo Education, they will be well employed in their own suitable industry like:Visually impaired: Data Feeding, RadioJockey, Telephone Operators, AudioTranslatorsDeaf and Mute: Marble and diamondcutting, Software developersPhysically and mentally disabled:Singers, Accountancy, Craftsman
  8. 8.  Platforms where any query can be answered by a global set of experts and not just immediate known (such a global knowledge base starting to be seen in platforms like today)
  9. 9.  Knowledge: Right depth and right breadth as new innovations and inventions would be harder to do Knowledge: Rediscovery of scientific knowledge hidden within historical texts Knowledge: Not just about local environment, but about the whole world as the world would be more connected than ever Skill: Discovering proper use of technology to maximize opportunities i.e. use on-the-fly translators to communicate in different languages
  10. 10. NO MORE Disabled Illiterate Unemployed14,454,000WILL BEREDUCED TONIL.