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Unleashing Your Creative Genius


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I gave this presentaton at the Innovation Depot for the American Advertising Federation Birmingham club. Great group. Fun discussion about how to unleash your best creative ideas.

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Unleashing Your Creative Genius

  1. 1. Unleashing YourCreative Genius
  2. 2. steve
  3. 3. Bernbach Ogilvy Clow Chiat RineyGossage
  4. 4. The Buntin Group
  5. 5. Here’s what I think.
  6. 6. clients want specialistswhen they want them not when they don’t
  7. 7. no time to keep up withresources and where trends are going next
  8. 8. a connected central strategist a producer air traffic control
  9. 9. social media copywriter Search marketing art directionPhone apps Photography web design web design graphic design
  10. 10. clients do not care if you’re atraditional agency or digital agency
  11. 11. they want ideas
  12. 12. Brand StrategistMarketing Strategist Digital MarketerSocial Media Dude Creative Director Copywriter Idea Creator Channel Planner
  13. 13. Where does creativity come from? Who is creative?
  14. 14. Here’s what learned -everyone is creative
  15. 15. Our methods of being creative are different. We’re built differently. We think differently. We have different experiences. We process differently. We interpret differently.
  16. 16. 4 Types of Creative People
  17. 17. The Dumper The Thespian The Rip-OffThe Processor Artist
  18. 18. The Dumper Vomits ideas Quantity Speaks first Thinks out loud Good ideas come from bad ideas Can polarize brainstorms Can ignite brainstorms Let em go then turn them off.
  19. 19. The Processor Takes their time Not a fan of brainstorm groups Does not a fan of Dumpers Prefers writing out thoughts Works well with email idea sessions Do not underestimate their ability Ideas include thought out execution.
  20. 20. The Thespian Dramatic presentation Not a lot of ideas, but good ideas Difficulty letting go of their idea Other ideas not as good BIG idea peeps
  21. 21. The Rip-Off Artist(also known as elbow nudger) Believes ideas are to be stolen Mr. Obvious Coat tails of others First to embrace and champion others
  22. 22. Tips for Releasing Your Creative Genius
  23. 23. Brainstorming Rules to FollowPublish objectives at least 24 hours before meeting 30 minute meeting Unfamiliar environment Manageable size (6 or less) Organized chaos with Post-its Allow 24 hours for follow up ideas.
  24. 24. Competition Role PlayPretend your are someone everyone knows - related to problem or not.
  25. 25. RemembranceThe objectives were a hit! What big idea made it happen?
  26. 26. Rubber DuckingTalk to a great listener and work it out yourself.
  27. 27. Wishing How big can you dream?It was, “I have a dream” NOT “I have a plan”.
  28. 28. Free Form Writing-DrawingLet your unconscious thought live through your hands.
  29. 29. Exercise
  30. 30. What’s a great idea?
  31. 31. SimpleSingularRewards
  32. 32. questions?
  33. 33. @sschandler