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Visit mount songshan (嵩山攬勝)


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The "Central Great Mountain" in China.

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Visit mount songshan (嵩山攬勝)

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  2. 2. Mount Songshan Mount Song (SongShan) is a culturally significant mountain in China. It is the "Central Great Mountain" among the Five Great Mountains and located in Henan province on the south bank of the Yellow River. Its summit is 1,500 meters above sea level. Three major orogenies formed the area: the Songyang Orogeny of 2.5 billion years ago, the Zhongyue Orogeny of 1.85 billion years ago, and the Shaolin Orogeny of 570 million years ago. They were named after local attractions in the area. The Songshan Geopark is also called “the textbook of geological history”. The Shaolin Monastery is located within the geopark. Songshan is made up of several mountains that rise to 1500 m in the Dengfeng district of Henan Province. The seven peaks of Song Shan stretch for 64km between the cities of Luoyang and Zhengzhou. The slopes rise steeply from the valley and are thickly clad with trees, giving them an impressive appearance, but the highest peak (Junji) reaches only 1500m in altitude.[2] The landscape is so unique that it has been given the title of 'International Geological Park' by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
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  4. 4. 中嶽嵩山 嵩山在中國是一座以文化著名的山。是五嶽之中的「中央大山」中嶽,位 於河南省黃河南岸。它的頂峰高度海拔1,500米。 本區域是三大造山運動形成的:25億年前的松陽造山運動,18.5億年前的 中岳造山運動以及5.7億年前的少林造山運動。它們是以這地區的景點來命 名的。嵩山地質公園也被稱為「地質歷史的教科書」。少林寺就坐落在地 質公園內。 嵩山在河南省登封地區,是由好幾座山上升到 1,500 米的位置。嵩山自洛 陽到鄭州之間的七座山峰綿延64公里。山壁坡度陡峭上升,包覆著茂密的 樹木,外觀令人印象深刻,但最高峰(峻極峰)高度只有1,500米。 除了山脈,還有許多峽谷,洞穴,水池,瀑布,每一項都給遊客提供了一 個特別的美妙體驗,由於獨特的風景,它已被聯合國教育,科學及文化組 織(教科文組織)授予「國際地質公園」的稱號。
  5. 5. Mount Song Shaolin Cableway 嵩山少林索道
  6. 6. Mount Song Shaolin Cableway station 嵩山少林索道站
  7. 7. Upper Cableway station 山 上 索 道 站
  8. 8. Distant photo is not very clear due to haze. 由於霧霾,遠距離照片不是很清楚。
  9. 9. The distant suspension bridge, hiking distance about 1.5 hours. 遠處的吊橋,健行距離約1.5小時。
  10. 10. Winding trails wrap around steep cliffs, rocks are vertical. 蜿蜒小徑環繞陡峭的懸崖,岩石 是垂直的。
  11. 11. The hike is along a path attached to the side of the rock. And it's all up and down some major stairs. 健行是沿著懸崖邊緣的小徑。上上 下下有一些主要階梯。
  12. 12. Anti-Japan sentiment running high, Japanese explanation has been scraped off.
  13. 13. Suspension bridge on the way to Sanhuangzhai. 去三皇寨途中的吊橋
  14. 14. Overlooking the Sanhuangzhai Buddhist Temple 遙望三皇寨禪院
  15. 15. In order to save energy and time, we did not go Sanhuangzhai. From here we on the way went back to cableway station. 為了節省體力與時間,我們不去三皇寨了,由此地回轉到索道站。
  16. 16. Chinese Music:春風它吻上我的臉