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Published in: Education
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  1. Growing Posts Another journey into 21st Century Learning
  2. If you have Scribe Posts a student usually blogs once every 30 classes.
  3. As a subject area teacher I wanted them to post more often.
  4. Enter the Growing Post
  5. Good for multi-subject teacher Original image: 'Focus' by: Nic McPhee
  6. Why Growing Posts? All work is in 1 Blog Post instead of many posts.
  7. Blog provides a canvas for the learners to create.
  8. Teach Class Subject Content
  9. While teaching how to integrate 2.0 technologies.
  10. Connection between students
  11. Creating an audience
  12. These are Growing Posts
  13. Using a Growing post like a Math Notebook
  14. Growing Post Instructions
  15. Using images to convey meaning
  16. This post was created 2 years ago.
  17. Building Connections
  18. Fraction Growing Posts
  19. Students leaving comments on other Growing Posts
  20. Second Generation Growing Posts Percent Growing Post 2006
  21. Time Period You can assign a question a day.
  22. You can assign the entire Growing Post as one assignment.
  23. Students prefer to do the work at home. Their computers are often better than those at school.
  24. Types of Applications one could use/teach in Growing Posts
  25. How to embed videos
  26. How to add sound
  27. How to use bubbleshare
  28. How to use voicethread
  29. or anything at
  30. Alan Levine’s 50 tools to tell a story.
  31. Assessment
  32. Student self-evaluation
  33. Peer Evaluation
  34. Teacher Evaluation
  35. Sample Marking Rubric
  36. More information on Growing posts can be found At Release the Hounds