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User Experience Design: The Past, The Present, The Future


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In our mostly true exploration of the history of UX and the current space we're in, we look to how UX Designers will be called upon in the future to create experiences that matter.

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User Experience Design: The Past, The Present, The Future

  1. 1. User Experience The Past, present & future Where is UX going and how you can learn more
  2. 2. Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play. ImmanuelKant
  3. 3. Tonight -Tonight ‣Hello ‣About User Experience Design (UXD) ‣What it does ‣Who does it ‣How to do it ‣Where it’s going ‣Morphing into a UXr ‣Q&A
  4. 4. Hello -Hello ‣My name is ‣Founder of ‣What I’ve done ‣What I do ‣Who I do it for
  5. 5. WhatisUX?
  6. 6. -WhatUXis User experience design (UXD) is the process designing satisfaction by improving the usefulness, usability, and desirability in the interaction between a person and the product they’re using. WhatUXis
  7. 7. UX is all about -UXisallabout ‣How a product works ‣How it feels ‣Who is using it ‣How they use it ‣What they want to do ‣What we want them to do
  8. 8. -Wesolveproblems Using a solid Human Centred Design process, we create solutions that solve real problems in real life contexts for real people. Wesolveproblems
  9. 9. -Solutionstoproblems Solutionstoproblems ‣ Apps ‣ Websites ‣ Wearables ‣ Spaces (cafes, schools) ‣ Augmented and Virtual Realities
  10. 10. WhatdoesUXdo?
  11. 11. WhatdoesUXdo? -WhatdoesUXdo? ‣Makes things useful, usable and desirable ‣Understands your business ‣Understands your customer ‣Helps create your vision ‣Improves peoples lives ‣Makes the complex easy ‣… by bringing the user to the core of the process
  12. 12. User -User We’re designing for real people.
  13. 13. User=Person -User=Person Show empathy. Learn who we’re designing for.
  14. 14. Assumption
  15. 15. WhydoUX? -WhydoUX? ‣Make ideas tangible ‣Look at things in new ways ‣Low risk ‣Quick to test ‣Cheap to iterate ‣Inclusive
  16. 16. TraitsofaUXDesigner -TraitsofaUXDesigner ‣Empathy ‣Inquisitive ‣Problem-solver ‣Collaborative ‣Passionate ‣Experimental ‣Common-sense
  17. 17. WhodoesUX? -WhodoesUX? UX Researcher Information Architect Interaction Designer Visual Designer Usability Tester Context Structure Movement Feeling Feedback
  18. 18. It’saprocess
  20. 20. Experience Principles -ExperiencePrinciples Does it solve a problem? Useful Usable Is it easy to use and interact with? Learnable Does it require little need for guidance? Aesthetic Does it accurately reflect your brand? Emotional How should the customer feel?
  21. 21. “Supposing is good, finding out is better.” MarkTwain
  22. 22. W,W,W,W,H
  23. 23. Design thinking -IdeaAcceleration No time to think.
  24. 24. Starts with research -Essentials 5 W’s & an H ‣Why ‣What ‣Who ‣When ‣Where ‣How
  25. 25. Personas -Personas Distilling research into archetypes
  26. 26. Journeys -Journeys Paths to action.
  27. 27. Vision Setting -VisionSetting Why am I?
  28. 28. Persuasive Design -PersuasiveDesign Making things happen.
  29. 29. Accessibility -Accessibility Inclusive Design. Starter guide: “DESIGNING WITH EMPATHY”
  30. 30. Information Architecture -InformationArchitecture Structuring content.
  31. 31. UX Design -UXDesign Detailing vision and ideas.
  32. 32. Usability testing -Usabilitytesting Make it better.
  33. 33. UX Toolkit -UXToolkit Makes things USEFUL Research Information Architecture Interaction Design Experience Design Persuasive Design Makes things FINDABLE Makes things USABLE Makes things SEAMLESS Makes things HAPPEN
  34. 34. HowdidUXhappen? -HowdidUXhappen? We create the best from what is available at the time.
  35. 35. TheHistoryofUX Atruestory
  36. 36. Persuasivedesign
  37. 37. Light
  38. 38. Storytelling
  39. 39. ServiceDesign
  40. 40. Automation
  41. 41. Moveabletype
  42. 42. Thetelegraph
  43. 43. Thefirstcomputer
  44. 44. Deliveryofinformation
  45. 45. RemoteControl
  46. 46. Informationarchitecture
  47. 47. Imaging
  48. 48. Interaction
  49. 49. Lightness
  50. 50. Darkness
  51. 51. Fashion “Simplicityisthekeynote ofalltrueelegance” -CocoChanel
  52. 52. Fashion “Simplicityisthekeynote ofalltrueelegance” -CocoChanel Passiveparticipation
  53. 53. Activedistraction
  54. 54. UXtoday
  55. 55. Creatingcontent
  56. 56. Interactingwithcontent
  57. 57. Atonewithcontent
  58. 58. Ubitech
  59. 59. Where is UX Heading? -WhereisUXHeading? FULLBODY EXPERIENCES While VR, AR and AI are going to change everything. Again. MICRO EXPERIENCES The onset of wearables is encouraging us to think small SPATIAL DESIGN Creating better ways for people to flow through and work in spaces. SERVICE DESIGN The elements that make up an entire service from system to store. A discrete interface, desktop and handheld devices. EXPERIENCE DESIGN
  60. 60. Whole Body Interactions
  61. 61. Spatial interaction
  62. 62. Printing Reality
  63. 63. Connecting everything
  64. 64. Thought Activated Technology
  65. 65. Touchless Interface
  66. 66. Biometrics
  67. 67. No interface
  68. 68. Blurring of reality and digital
  69. 69. Robotics
  70. 70. Implanted Technology
  71. 71. Changeable parts
  72. 72. Adjustable DNA
  73. 73. How do you become a UXr?
  74. 74. -Books More good reading — This is Service Design Thinking — The UX Book — Smashing Magazine (UX) — Lean UX — Don't Make Me Think — Universal Principles of Design — Undercover User Experience Design — Seductive Interaction Design — The Design of Everyday Things
  75. 75. -Onlinecourses Online courses — YouTube — Career Foundry — The Gymnasium — Coursera — Design Lab — Team TreeHouse — Udemy — — (soon)
  76. 76. -Onlinecourses Face to face courses — UXD:Velocity — UXD:Bootcamp
  77. 77. -Onlinecourses Connect with people — IxDA — Our XiThink series — UX Book clubs — UX Meetups
  78. 78. -Onlinecourses Borrow and steal — Dribbble — Pinterest — Behance
  79. 79. -Onlinecourses Practice and play — Axure — Sketch & Invision — Omnigraffle — Visio — Balsamiq — Mockflow — HotGloo — Pop App + pen & paper
  80. 80. -Onlinecourses Gain some experience — Your favourite charity — Tradespeople and cafes — Your local retailers — Contact the big banks and insurance companies
  81. 81. -Neverstoplearning Never stop learning — Never — Ever.
  82. 82. Prior experience -WhatisUX? — Visual Designers — Coders — Product Managers — Psychologists — Researchers — Analysts — Marketers — Communication Designers — Baristas
  83. 83. “The UX course at Academy Xi completely changed my life, the in depth course knowledge combined with practical project applications left me with a confident understanding and love the UX process, so much so I quit my job and now work in UX. Guy Willis Previously: Account Service at Clemenger Currently: Experience Producer at Velvet Onion -Paststudents Past Students
  84. 84. Lin Mei Previously: Digital Designer at Leo Burnett Currently: UI/UX Designer at Leo Burnett “I had a great time at Academy Xi, tutors are very friendly and supportive, classmates were fun to hang out with. It was more than just a learning experience to me. During the course, I was able to apply some of the design thinking to daily jobs, it changed the way I think about design, prior to the course, I was focusing more on the design details, how it looks etc. Now I think more of the function & structure.” -Paststudents Past Students
  85. 85. “Academy Xi has truly kickstarted my career as a CX/Service Designer. The combination of theory and hands on exercises meant that I could apply new techniques to my job immediately week after week. Even better we all became friends and each others support system, both the students and the awesome mix of professors.” Ulrik Gotsche Previously: Creative Strategist at M & C Saatchi Currently: Creative Strategist at M & C Saatchi -Paststudents Past Students
  86. 86. Student ProjectGallery
  87. 87. Past projects -StudentProjectGallery
  88. 88. Let’s chat. Questions and answers.
  89. 89. Getintouch -66-68DevonshireStreetSurryHills2010 — Ben Wong
 0415 998 956 — Charbel Zeaiter
 0411 115 770
  90. 90. See you in the future Thank you