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Using Your Salesforce Data in Microsoft Word


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Using Your Salesforce Data in Microsoft Word

  1. 1. Using Your Salesforce Data in Microsoft Word Access your data in Word so that you can produce any correspondence, from simple letters to complex quotes and contracts— in seconds!
  2. 2. Configuring as a Data SourceXpressDox can retrieve data from just about any database, but in particulardata from a database can be made available to your users inWord for use in their correspondence tasks.Before data becomes available in templates a Data Sourcemust be configured. Although the (or database isa proprietary format, XpressDox is able to work with it natively.This is a step-by-step tutorial on configuring a data source to make contactsand their accounts (the organizations they are associated with) available toXpressDox.This is just the beginning of this partnership, because all salesforce.comdata can be used in Word via XpressDox, not only Contacts and Accounts.XpressDox (Pty) Ltd 2
  3. 3. Select Settings>Configure from the XpressDox ribbonXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 3
  4. 4. Select the New data source icon from the Data Sources tabXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 4
  5. 5. Select the optionXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 5
  6. 6. Check ‘Use Sandbox’ if Enter your you want to connect to your user name (email test environment address format) Enter your password and passwordToken token (no spaces) User;Password=passwordToken XpressDox will construct the connection string automaticallyXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 6
  7. 7. Select the table you wish to access from the list of tablesXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 7
  8. 8. If you wish you may change the Data Element Name that XpressDox has suggestedXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 8
  9. 9. Choose a column, or group of columns, that uniquely identifies a row in the tableXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 9
  10. 10. Select this option only if you want XpressDox to automatically construct a Search dialog from which the user can choose a row Choose the columns to be shown in the Search dialog when the template is run The filter enables a user to narrow the search and therefore the amount of data displayedXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 10
  11. 11. Change the suggested Data Source to something more meaningful to the purpose you created it You can test the configuration by clicking the Test Data Source button. (If prompted, don’t save the schema as we still need to do a little more to the Data Source before it is ready.) Once you have changed the Data Source name don’t forget to save the configurationXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 11
  12. 12. Linking Supplementary Tables to the Main TableNow we will link the Account each Contact belongs to so that when a userchooses a Contact the Account details for that Contact become available tothe template.This is where the really powerful database features of XpressDox come in toplay.XpressDox (Pty) Ltd 12
  13. 13. Access the Edit Definition String options via the icon or buttonXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 13
  14. 14. Right click on the Collection Contact node to add theCollection Account child node Because a Contact is associated with a single Account choose the option to retrieve only one row from the Account table. To avoid naming conflicts set a prefix for Account data elements.XpressDox (Pty) Ltd 14
  15. 15. Click IdColumn to define the column on which to base the linkXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 15
  16. 16. Click Range to link the Account to the ContactXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 16
  17. 17. Repeat the process to add Collection Account so that account information is made available to templatesXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 17
  18. 18. Produce your correspondence in the CloudIf the possibility of using data in your correspondence hassparked your curiosity (and excitement), click this link to learn how to makeyour template available to users in the Cloud.Cloud integration and URL structureXpressDox (Pty) Ltd 18
  19. 19. About XpressDoxXpressDox takes document assembly to a new level. Not only is it one of themost powerful document assembly systems on the market, it is also one ofthe most versatile.With XpressDox, users author templates in Microsoft Word for use in a widevariety of deployments, from stand-alone documents to multi-templatesystems, which run on the desktop, over a network, or securely via abrowser from anywhere in the world.Launching templates from the cloud means that organizations don’t need todeploy any software to users, which makes installation and administrationsimpler and less costly.XpressDox even allows templates to be launched from a hyperlink on anorganization’s web site, allowing customers or prospects to fill in their ownforms. Learn More » 1XpressDox (Pty) Ltd 9