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Hot Or Not: The Disruptive Tech Outlook for 2011

As you start out the new year, what new technologies should be on your radar, and which ones can you safely ignore? Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group and author of “Open Leadership” and “Groundswell” will provide her take on what the new year will bring. Topics will include the rise and use of social data, the evolution of new search technologies, and the evolution of consumer experiences.
But more than just a rundown of new technologies, the evening will focus on what companies today need to do to prepare for this disruptive future. You’ll walk out at the end of the evening armed with pragmatic, practical steps to take.

Presented at the San Francisco American Marketing Association chapter meeting, January 26, 2011

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Hot Or Not: The Disruptive Tech Outlook for 2011

  1. 1<br />For SFAMA<br />January 26, 2011<br />Charlene Li<br />Founder and Partner<br />Hot Or Not: The Disruptive Tech Outlook for 2011<br />
  2. 2<br />Source:<br />
  3. 3<br />Detecting disruptions that matter<br />User Experience<br /><ul><li>Is it easy for people to use?
  4. Does it enable people to connect in new ways?</li></ul>Business Model<br /><ul><li>Does it tap new revenue streams?
  5. Is it done at a lower cost?</li></ul>Value Networks<br /><ul><li>Does it change the flow of value?
  6. Does it shift power from one player to another?</li></li></ul><li>“How personal relationships, individual opinions, powerful storytelling and social capital are helping brands…become more believable.”<br />1) Likenomics (credit to RohitBhargava)<br />4<br />
  7. Special deals for special people<br />Group Buying, Flash Sales, Member Sales, etc.<br />Gilt, Ruelala, iDeeli, Facebook Deals<br />Local sales and retailers<br />Group buying variation: Groupon and Living Social<br />In-store check-ins: Shopkick and Checkpoints<br />Dynamic pricing<br />Off and Away and Swoopo<br />Mobile price checking<br />Amazon mobile apps, eBay platform<br />New payment methods: Square and Facebook Credits<br />2) New ways to sell<br />5<br />
  8. How shopping will change<br />6<br />Store knows it’s me<br />I walk into the store<br />And maps out planned and promoted products<br />
  9. 7<br />3) Next-generation search<br />Social sharing rises as a search ranking signal, esp in the enterprise<br />Create a social content hub to gain traction<br />Use microformats to highlight granularity (e.g. hProduct & hReview)<br />
  10. Social monitoring merges with Web analytics<br />HOT: Omniture, Coremetrics/IBM, Webtrends<br />Technology like Hadoop makes it easy for companies to tap “Big Data”<br />E.g. New York Times making its archives public<br />Twitter archived by Library of Congress<br />Facebook Cassandra, Amazon Dynamo, Google BigTable<br />Data visualization tools make it easy to digest<br />Balancing privacy and personalization<br />4) Big Data<br />8<br />
  11. 9<br />5) Enterprise social networking<br />
  12. 10<br />6) Game-ification<br />HOT! Connects people in new ways <br />
  13. 11<br />7) Extending print<br />QR Codes<br />
  14. 12<br />8) Curation<br />
  15. 13<br />9) Hashtag Chat<br /><br />
  16. 14<br />10) Quora – quality Q&A<br />Monitor your brand<br />Engage by being helpful<br />
  17. 11) DIY and Co-creation<br />15<br />
  18. 16<br />Not Hot Yet in 2011: Augmented Reality<br />When scanning tech improves, will get hot<br />
  19. Summary of disruptions<br />17<br />
  20. Bonus #1: Transparency<br />
  21. 19<br />Bonus #2: Leadership<br />How to be outof control and still in command<br />
  22. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.<br />It is the one that is most adaptable to change. <br />- Charles Darwin<br />Preparing for disruption<br />20<br />
  23. Charlene Li<br /><br /><br />Twitter: charleneli<br />For slides, send an email to<br />For more information & to buy the book<br />visit<br />© 2010 Altimeter Group<br />