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Visual Plastics is a 100% Australian owned business with over 20 years experience in the plastic industry. Visual Plastics, we are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. With total commitment to the client, our company can assist in the design through to completion. With experience in many facets of plastic fabrication including Acrylic

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  1. 1. Perspex
  2. 2. Perspex: applications of acrylic plastic in various professions Perspex or perhaps premium quality acrylic is actually a extremely versatile substance that can be created into a wide range of acrylic plastic products and is employed in different areas for particular reasons. Listed below are a couple of examples of just how acrylic can be used in various fields as well as industries these days: WINDOWS FOR SWIMMING As well as DIVING POOLS Clear acrylic plastic is frequently made in to windows for swimming and diving pools to help swimming trainers properly watch the method their own swimmers and divers are working. Underwater pool windows are currently in demand with respect to private swimming pools too. Open public AQUARIUM WINDOWS For quite some time now, Perspex or perhaps acrylic plastic has been utilized in building fish containers as well as aquariums. This has allowed marine scientists to see as well as gain information about the way particular species of fish and marine creatures live and also flourish. Since acrylic is more durable than glass, you wont need to bother about it breaking up despite higher volume of water and pressure.
  3. 3. Perspex: applications of acrylic plastic in various professions WINDOWS For Watercraft And Yachts Acrylic plastic is actually strong enough to withstand marine settings as well as weathering which explains why theyre ideal as windows for ships and boats. You can actually use them close to the water line and / or you can even submerge them! This makes it easier for folks to observe marine life. Underwater scientists as well as environmentalists utilize it to keep track of the sea floor situations too. Signage And DISPLAY Racks Clear acrylic sheets may also be created as signage as well as display racks and shelves for retail stores. Because Perspex or acrylic is translucent, it enables consumers to simply see or even find the items they want to acquire or are searching for. When employed as signs, business men may connect neon lighting onto it to make it more appealing.
  4. 4. Perspex: applications of acrylic plastic in various professions FLOOD WINDOWS Acrylic plastic windows are ideal for structures or houses that are situated around bodies of water such as oceans, lakes as well as waterways. Because the water levels within these places are prone to changing at unstable amounts, these buildings ought to be prepared for worst case deluges. Because of this, the windows need to be sufficiently strong to help keep flood water away and what much better product to use but Perspex? Furnishings For Homes More and more people are actually opting to use household furniture made out of acrylic plastic. It is simply because Perspex furniture is not only visually appealing but it is also durable and even more affordable compared to traditional pieces of furniture just like tables, chairs, desks as well as storage containers. They easily blend in just about any space they are placed in and produce a modern and chic atmosphere for any household.
  5. 5. Perspex: applications of acrylic plastic in various professions ACRYLIC ARTWORK While acrylic artworks have been around for years now, it is only until recently that theyve gain popularity among interior designers as well as home owners alike. If you are thinking about getting Perspex products for your home or for your company, it would be a good idea to get in touch with a firm which specializes in the production of high quality plastic products like acrylic plastic. Several firms actually let you customize and cut acrylic to size or measurements that are based on your needs.