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Customer Service


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How to handle upset customers

Published in: Business, Technology
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Customer Service

  1. 2. Dealing with Irate Customers
  2. 3. Listen! Listen! Listen!
  3. 4. Let the Customer Vent without Interrupting
  4. 5. Maintain your personal integrity
  5. 6. Be sympathetic... ...and empathetic
  6. 7. Apologize!
  7. 8. Restate the Customer’s Viewpoint and Ask Questions
  8. 9. Offer Solutions Let’s try one of these options….
  9. 10. Solicit agreement on the resolution
  10. 11. Recap
  11. 12. “ Thank you for calling....”
  12. 13. Document conversation and results
  13. 14. Questions?
  14. 15. Thanks for your participation! Have a great day!