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JPEEE1449 A Six-phase Current Reconstruction Scheme


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Published in: Engineering
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JPEEE1449 A Six-phase Current Reconstruction Scheme

  1. 1. A Six-Phase Current Reconstruction Scheme for Dual Traction Inverters in Hybrid Electric Vehicles with a Single DC-Link Current Sensor Abstract: This paper presents a six-phase current reconstruction scheme for dual traction inverters in hybrid electric vehicles with a single DC-link current sensor. During the phase current reconstruction, one of the inverters is proposed to operate using active vectors while the other inverter operates using non-active vectors. An advanced phase shift scheme for all PWM signals based on the sequence of duty cycles is implemented. PWM signals are considered in three types of large, medium, andsmall duty cycles. Then, the minimum phase shift scheme is applied for each type of PWM signals to ensure the minimum duration of the active vector for stable current reconstruction With this proposed phase shift scheme, the maximum allowable modulation index and a DC-link voltage utilization is improved.
  2. 2. In addition, the relationship between the minimum required time for stable phase current reconstruction and the maximum allowable modulation index is derived theoretically. Effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by both simulation and experimental results. With this scheme, cost and volume of dual inverters in hybrid electric vehicles are reduced considering the low number of current sensors. Block diagram: ELECTRIC MACHINE1 3 PHASE INVERTER DRIVE CIRCUIT MICROCONTROLLER DC SUPPLY ELECTRIC MACHINE2 3 PHASE INVERTER