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Doitcall India
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To meet the everyday needs of the people that help Like shopping, home needs, movie theater, etc. helps in finding.The portal connects people to the right people. People can take Doitcall service advantage 24/7 anytime, anywhere.The mission of our Doitcall to his users is to provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information and functions small and large buyers, connecting to vendors.

It helps vendors selling goods online content you want to purchase the buyer takes easily. Doitcall. You can promote your work or business, you can advertise for free.It would also help keep the economy of India today as little expenditure of large dealers do not get all that they expect to work. Here Doitcall provides assistance in completing their goels. The big business and small business can show its object and bench it on Doitcall. Thus, the distance between the seller and the buyer is contributing to eliminate.

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Profile of doitcall india

  1. 1. Search And Shop From Bottom To Top Anything Just doit... TM India No.1 Business Listing Website Co. QR Code
  2. 2. B2B/B2C Listing & E-Commerce
  3. 3. Online Advertisers We boost your Business
  4. 4. Choose your category Among 6 Lakh categories
  5. 5. About us Doitcall is an initiative by Chetan Swaroop Verma and Jaideep Verma. It provides a platform for online advertisement and E-commerce. Overcoming the problems of currently running e-commerce and advertisement portals, it along with search engine feature equipped with online shopping portal. On the track of hon'ble Prime minister Mr. Modi's Doitcall is committed to 100% digitalization thorough online address of every shopkeeper, every manufacturer, every trader and every individual who wish to capture 125 million customers. Here one can search nearest hospital, Shopping mall, or else and at the same time he can order clothes, pizza etc. One can get appointment from doctors, astrologers etc. This combination of Search engine and e-commerce makes it different from other websites. These unique features reduce wastage of time on visiting different websites for different purposes. Doitcall serves multiple purposes. DIGITAL INDIA PROJECT
  6. 6. Our team Jaideep Verma (Co Director / Chairman) Chetan Swroop Verma (CEO / Managing Director) Sarang Sharma (Finance Head) Pushpendra Sen (Country Head, HR & Adminstration) Gaurav Bhatia (Chief Operating Officer)
  7. 7. Future of E-commerce in India Global consultancy AT kearney released a new global ranking of countries with E-commerce potential India is not even ranked. India's only $3.8billion online sales in last year was just a fraction of USA's $238billion and less than rd a 3 of brazil's $13billion. India's ecommerce market is growing rapidly. It records 27% growth in 2014. India is on the track of E-commerce. Still market of more than 900 million customers is yet to be captured. You can imagine the scope of E-commerce. In a report, kotak Institutional equities estimates that by FY2020 the no. of people shopping online will grow thrice and the proportion of those who will shop from website will increase 45% from 20% at present . “If these projections hold true the number of online shoppers in India will go up by eight times” kotak said . th Source : on 9 April 2015
  8. 8. Anything Just doit... TM Please visit us at Office No. 531, Ist Floor, L&T Sec - 18B Dwarka, Delhi (INDIA Registered office ) Contact : 91-9268686468, 9210200389 Email :,