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Free nursing home ppt


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free senior homes, 免费养老模式

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Free nursing home ppt

  1. 1. 养老可以是免费的 Free senior homes
  2. 2. 目前养老面临的困境 Difficulty from aging  根据CMHC的报告,安省的养老院的覆盖率是5.1% According to CMHC report, there was only 5.1% nursing home coverage in Ontario  养老院的月平均费用是3204加元 The average monthly cost of nursing home is CAD$ 3204  根据加拿大统计局的资料,安省的2011年的工作收入是50116加元,平均每月 4176加元 According to the statistics Canada , the average annual income is CAD$ 50116 in 2011 with an average of CAD$4176 monthly  如果在75岁以上,就是需要养老的年龄,收入是多少呢? If you are 75 years old or above, how much is your income to cover your pension ??
  3. 3. 收入不到原来的10% Percentage of income will be less than 10% at the age of 75 就是说,只有不到417加元 See chart below , at the age of 75, the percentage of income will be less than 10%. In other words, less than CAD$417
  4. 4. 按照现在的养老费用推算,预计未来20年的养老费用是100万加元以上 See data below, the total cost would be more than CAD$1 million for the next 20 years.
  5. 5. 钱不够用怎么办? Not enough money ???  我们的解决方案是 Our solution is :  人寿保险+ 寿险贴现+ 养老院的收益 Life insurance + Life settlement + Nursing home benefit  我们针对45岁至75岁的未来客户设计了多数人可以负担的养老方案 We offer an affordable pension plan for the age of 45 to 75 customers  只需要购买100万的人寿保险,交3年的保费,我们负责客户的养老需要 We will meet your needs. You only need to buy 1million life insurance and pay the premium for 3 years .
  6. 6. 我们的团队Our Team  Steve Xing 总设计师 Founder  高级顾问,加拿大最大的养老集团的高管,管理10余家养老院的经验 Senior executive of #1 Canada pension group, managing more than 10 senior nursing homes  Daniel Kahan 加拿大精算师,寿险贴现专家 Actuary, Life settlement expert  Mimi Lee 加拿大保险专业人士Canadian insurance professional