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Beyond Tools - Drexel

Presentation to the Drexel World Cafe - 3.9.11

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Beyond Tools - Drexel

  1. Beyond Tools: Thoughtful 21st Century School ReformChris LehmannScience Leadership AcademyPhiladelphia, PA
  2. Why This Matters
  3. My Bias: School 2.0 is ProgressiveEducation with 21st Century Tools
  4. More Bias: Citizenry, Not Workforce
  5. One Last Bias: Public Education =
  6. The World In Which We Live:The Maddening Paradox of Education 2010.
  7. Things Are Different Know The Difference Between Change and Innovation
  8. Neil Postman:Certain Technologies Are Not Additive, They Are Transformative
  9. Technology Like OxygenUbiquitous, Necessary and Invisible
  10. Technology Transforms: Creation Research Collaboration Presentation Networking
  11. A Convenient And Reasonably False Taxonomy Research Collaborate Create Network Present RSS Wikis Blogging Twitter uStream Docs Drupal Skype Flickr Google Moodle Podcasting Facebook iTunes UWikipedia Digital Films IM Voicethread Email
  12. Tell A Better Story:We Must Have Vision
  13. Caring Institutions We Teach Kids, Not
  14. Inquiry DrivenWhat are the questions wecan ask together?
  15. Student Centered It’s Not About Us.
  16. Teacher-Kids Need Adults
  17. Community-Based We can learn from many
  18. CollaborativeSynthesis Works
  19. Passionate And it has to matter.
  20. Integrated The day has to make sense
  21. Meta-Cognitive We need to think about thinking.
  22. The Goal Thoughtful Passionate Wise Kind
  23. Discussion:What Is Your Vision For Your School?
  24. How Do We Innovate?
  25. Be Humbled By The Task
  26. Ideas Must Live In Practice Build Systems and Structures that Reflect Your
  27. Common Language ofTeaching and Learning
  28. Common Inputs
  29. Common Process
  30. Common Outputs
  31. TraditionalClassrooms:Recall-Based Tests Homework Projects Class Participation
  32. SLA:Understanding- Driven Projects Homework Class Participation Tests & Quizzes
  33. ILPs and Capstones
  34. The Schedule
  35. Hiring
  36. Discussion:Examine One System or Structure of aTypical School.How can you change it to better reflectyour values / mission?
  37. Continue theConversationDream big in every community
  38. Empower the KidsIt is their education, and it will be their world
  39. Conversations:• Who are the stakeholders?• How can they be brought into this vision?• What fears do you need to address?• How will the student voice be part of the discussion?
  40. Keep Asking QuestionsAnd Don’t Settle For Easy Answers
  41. Hard Questions:• What is the worst consequence of your best idea?• How can you mitigate them?• What are the obstacles to this change?• How can you overcome them?
  42. Don’t Forget to Slow DownBe intentional in the use of tools and time
  43. Life Questions:• How are the lives of teachers different in this model?• How are the students’ lives different?• How will you deal with the change?
  44. Be Willing to Be Transformed We Have So Much Left to Learn
  45. Keep In Touch:Chris LehmannScience Leadership Academychris@practicaltheory.orghttp://www.practicaltheory.orgTwitter: chrislehmannSkype: chrislehmannEduCon 2.4 -- Jan. 27-29, 2012