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SXSW - School 2.0

Presentation at SXSW
March 16, 2011
Launch of #teachin11

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SXSW - School 2.0

  1. Learning 2.0 Creating The Schools We NeedChris Lehmann@chrislehmannScience Leadership AcademyPhiladelphia, PA
  2. Why This Matters
  3. My Bias:Old Ideas and New Tools
  4. More Bias: Citizenry, Not Workforce
  5. Last Bias: Public Education =
  6. The Paradox ofEducation 2011: Create New Things, Measured Old Ways
  7. Data Driven Decisions:Assume that you use good data -- and good data ain’t cheap.
  8. What Do We Know?
  9. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. -- Alvin Toffler
  10. A BigProblem:Lack ofHumility
  11. We Learn BestWhen It Matters To Us
  12. Things AreKnow The Difference Between Change and Innovation
  13. Education: vs. Training
  14. Technology Like Oxygen:Ubiquitous, Necessary and Invisible
  15. Neil Postman:Certain Technologies Are Not Additive, They Are Transformative
  16. Technology Transforms: Creation Research Collaboration Presentation Networking
  17. Tell A Better Story:We Must Have Vision
  18. Caring Institutions We Teach Kids, Not
  19. Inquiry DrivenWhat are the questionswe can ask together?
  20. Student Centered It’s Not About Us.
  21. Teacher-Kids Need Adults
  22. Community-Based We can learn from many
  23. CollaborativeSynthesis Works
  24. Passionate High School Is Real Life
  25. Integrated The day must make sense
  26. Meta-Cognitive We need to think about thinking.
  27. TraditionalClassrooms:Recall-Based Tests Homework Projects Class Participation
  28. The Schools We Need:Understanding- Driven Projects Homework Class Participation Tests & Quizzes
  29. The Goal: Thoughtful Passionate Wise Kind
  30. How Do WeChange the World?
  31. Be Humbled By The TaskAnd Be Skeptical of Those Who Aren’t
  32. Keep Asking QuestionsAnd Don’t Settle For Easy Answers
  33. What We Want For Kids We Must Want For Teachers
  34. “What’s Good?”Not “What’s New?”Be intentional in the use of tools and time
  35. What Do You Think? The link between inquiry and care
  36. Empower the KidsIt is their education, and it will be their world
  37. Continue theConversationDream big in every community
  38. The Great American Teach-In May 10, 2011 #teachin11
  39. What do we teachin the Information Age?
  40. Wisdom.
  41. Join us:Chris LehmannThe Great American Teach-InMay 10th, 2011 @chrislehmann#140 Edu