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How To: Know the differences in Social Media Sites


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This presentation is about the major differences and similarities in the top social media sites and which sites your business should be on...and why.

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How To: Know the differences in Social Media Sites

  1. 1. HURDLE BUSTERS HOW TO: Know What Social Media Sites to be on, & How to Use Those Sites #StartupPhoenix
  2. 2. Create Context Name Where are you from What do you do / working on How did you hear about Eureka/My talk
  3. 3. What is an audience “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” ― Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us What is a TRIBE PeopleHelpingPeople -The people who watch, read, or listen to something -A group of ardent admirers or devotees
  4. 4. Social Media Overview PeopleHelpingPeople ● Every social site has a culture - understand, engage, innovate ● USE the Content Rules: ○ 20% rule: Only 1 of 5 posts should be self-promotion ○ Use the (5) Whys Rule for good content ○ rewrite 3x ● Make sure profile matches business. Don’t be spammy - you wouldn’t do that offline ● Keep all data SAME FORMAT ● PLAN & AUTOMATE {Calendar, Hootsuite}
  5. 5. Facebook - Back-Yard BBQ ● Largest SM site - still growing 15% year ● 1.28 billion (1b mobile, 233 million Europe) ● 67% like (engagement) increase over 2012 ● Female 53% Male users = 47% ● Personal = Profile Business = Page ● 16% of PAGE updates seen ● Use links - builds trust when you provide good content ● Follow Analytics Facebook page that doesn’t suck:
  6. 6. Facebook- inside scoop ● Allows MULTIPLE ways of advertising ○ Generally - best ROI online - highly targeted ● Pictures get significantly better engagement ● Thursday & Fridays 18% better ● Avg time spent = 20 minutes ● Public & Private groups (great for highly cultured industries) ● Use calls to action (don’t HAVE to be cheesy) ● PRIME for local / brick-morter businesses ● Contest / Campaign friendly - don’t break their rules ○ (Eureka Meetup on this coming soon!!!) Dive Deeper - Stats infographic: Stats:
  7. 7. Twitter - Hallway Chat ● 140 character Mini Blog site {Short & Sweet} ● 676 million users ● 115 active monthly ● EVEN those who don’t tweet (40%) log on ● Newsfeed is reverse chronological - Shows ALL {Real time} ● Shows trends - HASHTAG!!! ● allows grouping (ie Lists) ● easily searchable (hashtags, topics, trends) ○ great for research & connecting
  8. 8. Twitter - inside scoop ● Allows ads “Sponsored Stories” - use these to join in ● Posts with pictures get best engagement ● Use the photo to add information ● Vital instant access/communication to tribe *via hashtags and direct contact* builds trust & brand loyalty ● Best when used for: ○ Event Coverage & Discussion, ○ Following / Sharing quality content ○ Spying on competition (or getting ahead if competition isn’t on twitter yet)
  9. 9. Instagram - friends photo album ● Photo (and caption) only profile site ● Launch 2010 ● Acquired by Facebook 2012 ● 200+ million users -2013 {400m 2014} ● Mobile ONLY - means users have smartphones ● 20% log on daily ● FULL newsfeed ● Effective for Hashtags
  10. 10. Instagram - inside scoop ● No external links ● Testing ads ○ small amount of companies ○ only showing in news feed ● Featuring aesthetic photos of customers WEARING / USING a product increased conversion by 9x factor ● Theme participation, Event Coverage, News Jacking, Authentic Moments Dive Deeper - Great resource to help with Launching, tips, and tricks
  11. 11. Pinterest - Cork board ● Photo stream with external links ● Largest SM traffic driver on web (2nd only on web next to google) ● 70 million world-wide users 125% growth over 2012 ● 70% pinterest users BUY based on what they saw ● 30% of all online purchases used pinterest before making buying decision ● DON’T USE IT TO SELL… use it to create interest, and inspiration Dive: Pinterest & Twitter pros/cons
  12. 12. G+ (Google Plus) - Yellow Page ad on Steroids ● Social Blogging / Profile Site ● Google likes Google products ● Google is the largest search engine - not leaving anytime soon ● Reads your info for Google Maps ● Gives YOU more control ● Get a google plus
  13. 13. Which Sites to be on? Them All (First - Facebook & Google Plus) Automate: Write Blog Post (1x a month at least) --Adjust & Adapt content --Schedule & Post on top 3 profiles (2-3x a week) --Others 1x a week
  14. 14. Extras: Follow: Hubspot ( Social Media Examinar ( Engaging posts: Automation: Hootsuite, Google calendar
  15. 15. TO DO: -Claim business name on each -Link into your G+ -Develop general schedule -Write 1 blog post What do you want to hear about? Write down or email me: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, Wordpress, Instagram, Graphics help, iPhone tips, OTHER CONTENT
  16. 16. TO DO cont... A) Join: B) July Talks: July 30: HURDLE BUSTERS: How to Create Relevant Social Media Content in 5 Hours a Month (Top Tools for Social Media) August 6: How To: Create a Detailed Customer Profile, to Help Target Your Marketing Aug 20: HURDLE BUSTERS: How To Run Social Media Campaigns, Follow the Law & the Rules
  17. 17. Connect Chelsea Dygert (G+) 252-717-9919 Find me: twitter / instagram @cimforgiven at Local coffee shop #StartupPhoenix