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Omnichannel Banking


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by Joao Lima Pinto, CEO eBankIT, at the CIS bankers T10 Forum, 18 February 2016, Kyiv

Published in: Software
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  • Informative presentation. Even-though it was uploaded on early 2016 it still holds value. I too work for an omnichannel solution provider called Lucep OmniPath, and we all intend to make branch transformation strategy happen.
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Omnichannel Banking

  1. 1. ebankIT – CIS Bankers 2016-02-18
  2. 2. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions ebankIT Omnichannel Solutions ebankIT has an omnichannel platform for financial institutions with rich interactive responsive web- banking, native applications for mobile banking, contact center, branch front office, wearable tech among others, enabling to quickly reach the lead of digital business and channel innovation. • We provide a platform with several products by us for Omnichannel (that can be deployed individually or all) • We are a core bundling backbone
  3. 3. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions Omnichannel Dominant channel preference for Financial Products and Services Learning is Online & Mobile (42%) Purchase is In Person (61%) Use or access is Online & Mobile (56%) Problem resolution is In Person (48%) 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Learn Purchase Use or Access Problem resolution 18% 55% 21% 42% 30% 6% 6% 12% 5% 7% 12% 9% 48% 32% 61% 36% In Person Unsure/Mail Phone Online & Mobile
  4. 4. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions Omnichannel Facts • User demands: any time, any place, on any device, across any channel • Omnichannel: customer centric approach. Delivered in real time “across all channels and points of interaction.” • Digital transactions are cheaper • Channels continue to proliferate: new channel are entering the market • As new channels are added to the mix, old ones do not necessarily close down. • Advanced product technologies 
 and features • Flexibility: adjust solution to customer needs • Competitive offer • Intuitive layout and usability • Easy adaptation to new functionalities • Multi-core integration: independent 
 of core • Platform of products: products can 
 be deployed individually or bundled together (can be incremented at later stage) • Reusability: lower cost to new channels adoption ebankIT Advantage
  5. 5. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions ebankIT
 Omnichannel Innovation Provider Best of Show at FinovateEurope 2015 “ebankIT demonstrated a lifestyle focused banking application that integrated with social media and the user’s contact list from their phone. A combination of a slick user i n t e r f a c e a n d a v o i c e recognition technology gave an indication of what we can expect to see in the banking apps of the future.” Reflections from FinTech’s showpiece • Easy Multi-core integration • Award-winning OMNICHANNEL solution • Major Banks Worldwide already use eBankit technology • Powerful Middleware that lowers the Banks’ cost when developing new customers experiences • Some of the shortest times to market in Digital Channel projects • Innovative Solutions allowing banks to be ahead of competition
  6. 6. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions Key Projects over the years Considered Top 50 Global Emerging Stars “The speed and energy with which fintech innovation is impacting financial services is gathering global momentum on many measures. Globally, fintech financing has jumped six-fold over the past three years with over US$20 billion estimated to be reached in 2015. The report identifies the most intriguing 50 ‘Emerging Stars’ – exciting new fintechs with bold, disruptive and potentially game- changing ideas.” KPMG UK
  7. 7. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions ebankIT – Clients by country Presence in 18 countries United Kingdom PKM Iceland Thula East Timor CGD Poland Bank Millennium Citi BankRomania Millennium Greece Millennium Turkey Millennium Angola BPC, ATLANTICO, Standard Bank, Millennium, Finibanco, Keve, Caixa Totta, BCH, BNI, Banco SOL Mozambique Standard Bank, Único, Millennium, Moza Banco, BIM, BCI France CGD Luxembourg CGD Kenya Standard Bank Denmark Deloitte Italy Intesa Sanpaolo Russia Sberbank Nigeria Cloud Systems Brazil CGD Colombia Davivienda
  8. 8. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions ebankIT – Eastern Europe & CIS Region Morten Kriek Partner • Presence • Partners My responsibility is to help the banking business in Eastern Europe to realize their full potential, reduce cost and increase revenues. I believe that the eBankIT products have the most user-friendly interface and top design solutions, providing a greater overview of your clients interaction with your bank.

  9. 9. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions
  10. 10. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions ebankIT Omnichannel Solutions
  11. 11. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions The best experience for your customers • Augmented reality • Voice banking • Social Banking • Beacons • Biometric Authentication / Authorization
  12. 12. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions Wearable tech Wearable tech is starting to dominate big tech events in 2016 and it's looking like smartwatches are the next big thing in the world of technology. That is why we build a beautiful banking app for smart watches that enables transfers and payments to benefitiaires, real time notifications, search for ATM or the nearest branch, check your messages 
 and your account/card balances.
  13. 13. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions The banks’ new face The FaceBankit application, is a solution incorporated with Facebook, which enables the clients bank, the possibility to include their friends in specific daily operations. ▪ Split bills ▪ Request Money ▪ Pay a Friend ▪ Make donations ▪ Crowd funding and ▪ Make Money
  14. 14. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions ebankIT’s Cardless Banking technology is a uniquely conceived Payments and Cash Withdrawal solution, integrated with POS’s, e- commerce and ATM networks. ▪ Create a Unique 9-digit code + security PIN on your Smartphone ▪ Allows to input that code and confirmation PIN on an ATM to withdraw a certain amount ▪ Pay to a Merchant or on an online store with the same secure system. ▪ Safe, secure, and fast
  15. 15. ‹#›Omnichannel Overview and Solutions Customer self-service Allows immediate access to a group 
 of banking transactions, services 
 and consultations that can be executed 
 by the client with a high level of 
 autonomy, security and swiftness. Your clients avoid long queues, enabling 
 faster customer service. ▪ Reduce Queuing time in branches ▪ Increase sales and satisfaction ▪ Personalize Messages ▪ Decrease Costs ▪ Allows Branch staff to focus on mores complex matters
  16. 16. Thank you! Жуан Ліма Пінто Joao Lima Pinto