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Citizen made deck 1 min video


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Citizen made deck 1 min video

  1. 1. Your products, Customized.
  2. 2. Yikes. Customization exists in most consumer products.
  3. 3. Dynamic customizationResolve. Market intelligence for purchasing & trends analysis Most configurators are 1-off builds
  4. 4. $11 $25 $75 $125 /mo /mo /mo /mo 1 product 3 products 10 products Unltd products <1k social <7k social <15k social Unlimitedshares/month shares/month shares/month social shares Integrates with popular cartModel. platforms Tiered subscription fee model starting at $11/mo.
  5. 5. National media coverageTraction. Customer sign ups growing 40% week over week “I anticipate my sales to increase by 30%” – beta user
  6. 6. Thanks. Citizen Made +1 347.560.9021