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Life in our village


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Published in: Sports
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Life in our village

  1. 1. Life in Our Village Matei Makwei
  2. 2. In our village When elders are around, Boys must not look at girls And girls must not look at boys Because the elders say That is not good.
  3. 3. Even when night comes Boys must play separately, Girls must play separately, But humanity is weak So boys and girls meet
  4. 4. The boys play hide and seek And the girls play hide and seek The boys know when the girls hide And the girls know where the boys hide
  5. 5. So in their hide and seek Boys seek girls Girls seek boys, And each to each sing
  6. 6. Discussion questions  According to the poem, boys and girls were not allowed to interact with each other. What do you think is the reason?  When the night falls, are boys and girls allowed to play with one another? Prove your answer by citing lines from the poem.  What happens during nighttime? What game do boys and girls play?  What do they end up doing instead? Why do you think so?
  7. 7. Group dynamics  For group 1  Did Ghanaian boys and girls obey their customs and beliefs? Justify your answer by citing lines from the poem  For group 2  What does the last line “and each to each sing” mean?  For group 3  Compare the customs and beliefs of the Filipinos to the Ghanaian on how the girls and boys must act.  For group 4  Based on your own experiences, are there similarities with how elders in your community and those in Ghana view friendship between boys and girls? Explain your answer.  For group 5  What can you say about following such customs and beliefs of the Ghanaian?
  8. 8. At present, how will you describe the interaction of boys and girls towards each other?
  9. 9. Quiz  (1/2 sheet of paper)  Using the Venn diagram, compare how Ghanian boys and girls treat one another to how boys and girls in your community treat one another. Note the similarities and differences. Include also a paragraph how could you relate with the lines of Ghanian boys and girls poem to your own experience.
  10. 10. Assignment  Study the next lesson about the kinds of nouns.  Prepare for the chapter test.
  11. 11. Thank you and good afternoon!!! 