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  1. 1. Creating a varied surface by collaging different papers together can make an interesting and exciting surface to draw on.
  2. 2. Your drawing materials will react in different ways on the different surfaces and the extra color, texture, and image or writing can add depth and interest to your drawing.
  3. 3. The collaged papers in these drawings are not the main subject of the piece, they merely provide an interesting surface to work on.
  4. 5. Notice how differently the charcoal as reacted to the surface variation in this drawing.
  5. 6. There are many different ways to build up a collaged surface to draw on. This artist layers perfect circles of different papers to create a quilted look.
  6. 7. Even strips of paper in this piece make a very interesting and controlled collaged surface.
  7. 8. Here is a small collection of collages ready to be drawn on.
  8. 9. Although this is a print, not a drawing, this same technique has been used-- the different colors and paper prints make this image much more interesting.
  9. 12. Both of these textured collages would make great drawing surfaces.
  10. 13. In class today we will build a collaged surface to draw on. You will spend a maximum of 45 minutes collaging papers together to create a single piece of paper. We will draw the still life on this paper today and Thursday. Remember that the collaged paper is a surface to draw on NOT a collage meant to stand alone.