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Miniscule To Monumental


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Miniscule To Monumental

  1. 1. These drawings are of the same still life, but the are drawn from three different points of view. Notice how the center drawing feels as though it is below the viewer, the last drawing feels like you are looking at it from below.
  2. 2. By considering your vantage point for a drawing you can really affect the entire feeling of the drawing.
  3. 3. Not only does this overhead view help the subject of this drawing feel large, but making this small object take up the entire composition adds to its implied size.
  4. 4. These boxes and books are arranged as if they are large buildings. The overhead view in this drawing combined with the careful stacking helps these simple objects feel grand.
  5. 5. The objects in these drawings take up the entire composition which gives an impression of grandness. The artist chose to render the objects up close, drawing only a portion of them. Do you recognize the can opener and hole-punch?
  6. 6. This drawing uses a “zoomed in” view to up the scale of the objects while also using dramatic lighting.
  7. 7. This small object is given a feeling of action and grand scale importance in this drawing. This is achieved by using dramatic light and shadow as well as allowing it to take up most of the compositional space.