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Feature life cycle


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Presentation on Feature Life Cycle for making awesome development teams.

Published in: Technology
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Feature life cycle

  1. 1. feature life cycle Chimp’s Why enlightened development teams build great products
  2. 2. Clayton Correia Hey there, my name is.. @claytoncorreia @WeAreChimp Product Manager,
  3. 3. What I’m going to talk about Quick intro to Chimp Feature Life Cycle Problems / Solutions Design Development 1 2 What is Chimp? Our Team
  5. 5. Chimp is an online tool that empowers people to give to and fundraise for any Canadian charity.
  6. 6. Chimp solves problems for… Individuals Charities Companies Ballers (High net worth donors)
  7. 7. Online, social bank for charitable giving. You can think of chimp as an…
  8. 8. Donor Account
  9. 9. John Bromley FOUNDED BY Forty-ish CURRENT EMPLOYEES Late 2013 OUT OF BETA Lots of fun WE HAVE IT
  10. 10. To date, Chimp has raised over $29 million. Over 3,400 Canadian charities have benefited.
  11. 11. Chimp Tech Team Rails Developers x4 UI Developer x1 UX Designer x1 Visual Designer x1 Product Managers x2 Robot x1 Development Product Growth Hacker x1
  12. 12. 4 fun facts about Chimp Tech.
  13. 13. 1) Everyone Codes
  14. 14. 2) We have a Robot
  15. 15. 3) Bacon is one of our ‘Cultural Values’
  16. 16. 4) We have an ‘on brand’ beer fridge
  17. 17. Alright. Enough about Chimp.
  18. 18. Enlightened Development Teams
  19. 19. Enlightened Development Teams Developers who are awesome
  20. 20. Chimp’s Feature Lifecycle
  21. 21. Chimp’s Feature Lifecycle
  22. 22. ! Speccing (Problem Solving)
  23. 23. We build software to solve problems Customer Interviews Win/Loss Feedback Data Analysis Experiments
  24. 24. Don’t build anything without knowing what success looks like. 5% more sign ups 10% more users are retained 500 more people will share to Twitter/Facebook per day Customer Support will get 20 less emails per week
  25. 25. Problem Statements Persona: Charity Staff Fundraiser ! Problem: How can I retain long term donors when I run a fundraising campaign? ! Context: Every time I run a fundraising campaign I want to retain long term donors not just one time donors. ! What does success look like if the problem is solved? 5% of donors to Fundraising Campaigns are retained as recurring donors
  26. 26. “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” Look into our data for insights Competitors or similar examples Existing industry research Consult domain experts
  27. 27. Never solve problems in a vacuum Rapidly develop as many solutions as possible Sketches, brainstorms, mindmaps, interpretive dance Wireframe out a basic solution Developer is always present
  28. 28. Developer Review Walk ‘Lead Developer’ through the solution Estimate implementation time Decide to carry on or go back to the drawing board
  29. 29. ! Design.
  30. 30. Detailed Wireframing Convert sketches from Group Speccing into high fidelity wireframes Mock up interactions Balsamiq,, OmniGraffle Present to CEO/CTO
  31. 31. Prototyping & Usability Testing Clickable wireframes or html ‘Show & hide’ tests Formal usability testing
  32. 32. Visual Design Convert Wireframes to Mock Ups Design icons, graphic, layout Photoshop, Illustrator
  33. 33. HTML/CSS We build HTML directly into the app Designs Views Modify App views in a different branch
  34. 34. ! Development. !
  35. 35. Why is this section so short?
  36. 36. Product Managers can’t tell you how to write code. ! It’s your craft, you own it. ! Development teams have their own processes and methodologies for getting work done.
  37. 37. Define what ‘done’ means. Understand the problem being solved Test coverage Mobile support API
  38. 38. Write Test Cases Makes it easier/faster to test Reduces bugs that go live Makes Product managers happy
  39. 39. Translation Chimp is localized in English and French We have a translation branch Devs merge their feature into translation and then alerts translator to get their french on
  40. 40. Chimp’s Feature Lifecycle
  41. 41. Enlightened Development Teams Developers who are awesome
  42. 42. Chimp’s Feature Lifecycle
  43. 43. Developers Context (Market Problems & Solutions) Awesome Developers + =
  44. 44. Awesome Developers… Understand market problems Are part of creating the solutions Need less requirements, less documentation Make smarter decisions with less back and forth Have context from different experiences
  45. 45. Old Requirements New Requirements
  46. 46. How to be an Awesome Developer Understand market problems Why build it Don’t just live in the dev column Help create the solution Who is it for
  47. 47. @claytoncorreia @WeAreChimp Clayton Correia We’re always looking for rad folks: