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7 Deadly Sins of Marketing

7 ways Marketing Operations is your company's best bet to...

Ensure that success can be measured and replicated

Leverage systems and processes to enable consistently excellent performance

Run its marketing department more like a business.

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7 Deadly Sins of Marketing

  1. 1. The 7 Deadly Sins of Marketing GARY KATZ VP MARKETING OPERATIONS
  2. 2. ClearAction Continuum 2© Copyright ClearAction Continuum. All rights reserved. • Marketing departments must justify their existence • Now more than ever • Perceived lack of accountability • Easy target for cuts • Marketers untrained in statistics • Broken systems frustrate measurement • Many hesitate to invest in evaluating program success SIN #1: Ill-Defined Metrics
  3. 3. ClearAction Continuum 3© Copyright ClearAction Continuum. All rights reserved. SIN #2: Slammed Resources • Age of the “Individual Contributor Director” • Big title, scare resources, little authority • “Do more with less” mentality • Marketers feel overwhelmed, burned out, ready to jump ship • Over-dependency on heroes, martyrs & superstars • High turnover, costly mistakes, silos of knowledge • Collapsed programs as key people leave or burn out • Potential winning programs left abandoned from lack of owner
  4. 4. ClearAction Continuum 4© Copyright ClearAction Continuum. All rights reserved. SIN #3: Leaky Institutional Memory • Marketing depends on accurate info, a historical view and pattern recognition • Knowledge in many marketing organizations is scattered all over the place • When people leave, huge chunks of organizational knowledge is lost • Info loss is major productivity killer and contributes to less effective decision-making • Previous marketing investments are wasted when lost insight must be regained or reacquired
  5. 5. ClearAction Continuum 5© Copyright ClearAction Continuum. All rights reserved. SIN #4: Constipated Creativity • Marketing is valued for creativity but increasingly constrained in expressing it • Inspired creativity is supported by strong collaborative processes • Creative burden on one outbound marketer (the “individual contributor director”) limits out of the box thinking • Poor knowledge management impacts creativity • Lack of agreement and direction in company (mission, vision, values) also inhibits creativity
  7. 7. ClearAction ContinuumClearAction Continuum 7 Increase: Maximize: Decrease: • Follow-through • Ability to prioritize • Productivity of resources • Employee engagement • Strategic vs. tactical work • Resource acquisition • Stakeholder satisfaction • Stakeholder cooperation • Team collaboration • Right the first time • Job satisfaction • Continuity • Project stalls • Duplicated resources • Redundant efforts • Rework • Employee turnover • Alliance workloadAlignment (bridging silos) is the next frontier in CX ROI Design of ClearAction Value Exchange based on research with American Express, Aon, Apple, Ariba, Clorox, Covidien, Eli Lilly, Global Foundries, HP, Microsoft, NVIDIA, SAP and beta-testing with many others ClearAction Value Exchange KPIs are multipliers on your CX investments SaaS for real-time personalized action plans to tackle these silos 30-minute bites AI-curated resources DIY and interactive VP-level to intern-level Shared vision Collective capability © 2019 ClearAction Continuum.
  8. 8. ClearAction Continuum ClearAction Continuum closes the brand-customer gap. ClearAction Value Exchange members in marketing & customer experience, care & success roles access real-time, 24x7, bite-sized personal solutions to navigate silos for customer value performance ClearAction Advisory clients strategically operationalize marketing & customer experience for scalability, resource productivity & enduring customer value performance 88 Customer value performance momentum © 2019 ClearAction Continuum. ClearAction Continuum
  9. 9. ClearAction Continuum Ask about the marketing management maturity roadmap ClearAction Continuum 9 MetricsProcessGuidance Infrastructure Management Technology Strategy Ecosystem Alignment © 2019 ClearAction Continuum. PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL.
  10. 10. ClearAction Continuum Ask about customer value performance momentum ClearAction Continuum 10 DNA MASTER PLAN™ STRATEGIC RENEWAL™ CLEARACTION VALUE EXCHANGE™ DNA ACTIVATION™ MARKET RESPONSIVENESS INDEX™ DX AGILITY™ DNA TRANSFORMATION™ DX ALTITUDE™ RACE™ (RAPID ANALYTICS CUSTOMER ENVIRONMENT) VOX MODERNIZED™ VOX ACTIONABILITY™ SHARKTΛINK™ CX growth aspirations:  Business results via trust-building  Consistency via silo-bridging  All-employee engagement  Prevention and anticipation  CX as managerial context  Profit impact in daily decisions© 2019 ClearAction Continuum.
  11. 11. ClearAction Continuum 11 ClearAction Continuum We’re honored to influence these companies PARTIAL LIST OF CLIENTS © 2019 ClearAction Continuum.
  12. 12. ClearAction Continuum 12 ClearAction Continuum ClearAction clients’ experiences Because each of the ClearAction team members managed CX in B2B for a number of years, they provided personal examples and practical tools that could be implemented right away. It was incredibly beneficial for us to work with them for several occasions. They elevated our collective knowledge and helped us achieve a higher level of CX maturity. – A. Chu, Dir Customer Experience ClearAction is an expert in business operations and has been an invaluable resource for us to learn best-practices in many areas. They taught us things that would not readily cross our minds, but after they explain, it makes total sense, and this increased our efficiency and accuracy in many areas. I highly recommend ClearAction. – K. Van Diepen, Dir Marketing Communications ClearAction has been at the forefront of helping companies like ours reduce chaos, maximize resources and achieve impactful results. They’ve provided mission-critical guidance to begin the process of building a strong marketing operations function that supports our company’s growth, scale and continuous improvement objectives. – K. Chalmers, Dir Marketing Operations © 2019 ClearAction Continuum.
  13. 13. ClearAction Continuum Customer value performance momentum