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F500 ppt


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F500 ppt

  1. 1. Utilization of Twitter by the Fortune 500 Brittany Ervin
  2. 2. Rationale ✦ Neilson report shows 22.7% of American’s time spent on social networks in June 2010 ✦ Twitter is indispensable tool for brand building and self-promotion ✦ Interested to see how the Fortune 500 are immersing themselves in the Twitter platform
  3. 3. Related Research ✦ Social Media in the Inc. 500: The First Longitudinal Study- Barnes, Ganim, Mattson ✦ Follow up study on corporate adoption of social media; 2007- 19% of Inc. 500 were blogging; 2008- 39% ✦ The Fortune 500 and Blogging: Slow and Steady- Barnes, Ganim, Mattson ✦ Analyzed companies’ adoption of social media by corporate blog use; found that 81% of corporations had blogs but that rank influenced adoption. Higher percentage than expected.
  4. 4. Methodology ✦ One social media platform: Twitter ✦ 10 randomly selected corporations: Microsoft, Hartford Financial, The Gap, CIGNA, Qwest Communications, Proctor and Gamble, Quest Diagnostics, Barnes and Noble, Texas Instruments, State Farm Insurance ✦ Coded overall tweets, retweets, @reply, promotional tweets and non-promotional tweets ✦ Promotional= any tweet/@reply promoting business/ products; Non-promotional= any tweet or @reply not promoting business/ products ✦ Time frame: June 1, 2010-July 31, 2010
  5. 5. Research Questions ✦ 1.) How active is each company within the 2- month time period? ✦ 2.) How many times does the company @reply? ✦ 3.) How does the company choose to publish information? (On a promotional/non-promotional basis) ✦ 4.) How many followers does the company have?
  6. 6. Overall Tweets Retweets @reply Microsoft Hartford The Gap CIGNA Qwest P&G Quest B&N Texas Instruments State Farm 0 125 250 375 500
  7. 7. Promotional Tweets Non-promotional Tweets Microsoft Hartford The Gap CIGNA Qwest P&G Quest B&N Texas Instruments State Farm 0 100 200 300 400
  8. 8. Followers Microsoft Hartford The Gap CIGNA Qwest P&G Quest B&N exas Instruments State Farm 0 37500 75000 112500 150000
  9. 9. Theory ✦ Diffusion of Innovation ✦ Rogers portrayed the spread of the innovation adoption as an “S” curve ✦ Twitter adoption resembles the S curve ✦ Real time communication perhaps why the theory is so relevant to Twitter platform
  10. 10. Recommendations ✦ Broaden the research and analyze a greater number of Fortune 500 companies ✦ Extend the study beyond a two-month period ✦ Follow up with the 10 companies to see how they have progressed