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Pentesting Android Applications


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This talk is going to give an overview of Android operating system and it´s apps ecosystem from the security point of view of a penetration tester.
So lets dive into topics like Pentest Environment Setup, Tools of the Trade, App Analysis and some security hints for Android developers.

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Pentesting Android Applications

  1. 1. @clviper Cláudio André
  2. 2. whoami Pentester at Integrity S.A. Web applications, Mobile applications and Infrastructure. BSc in Management InformationTechnology and OSCP. Photography addicted.
  3. 3. - Environment Setup - Tools OfTheTrade - App Analysis - Developers Heads Up Up next...
  4. 4. Physical Equipment Android SDK Emulator Android x86 Environment Setup
  5. 5. Android x86 Environment Setup Hint Mouse insideVM : Disable Mouse Integration (Host+i) Portrait Resolution : Edit /mnt/grub/menu.lst and insert UVESA_MODE=320X480 DPI=160 Black screen(locked screen): ACPI Shutdown(Host+h) Android Shell: Ctrl+F1 / Ctrl+F7
  6. 6. - Root your device * - Allow Unknown Sources (Settings->Security) - Install proxy app (ProxyDroid,AutoProxy,etc...) - Connect to favorite proxy server (Burp Proxy,Fiddler,etc...) *Physical approach only Environment Setup
  7. 7. Android SDK Software Development Kit containing api libraries and developer tools to build, test and debug Android apps. For our context, the more important ones are adb,aapt,ddms and the emulator. Tools OfTheTrade
  8. 8. Android Debug Bridge (ADB) Command-line tool to communicate with emulator instance or connected physical/virtual device. adb devices adb connect adb shell adb install adb push | pull ..... Usefull commands: Tools OfTheTrade
  9. 9. Dalvik Debug Monitor Server(DDMS) Debugging tool that provides port-forwarding, screen capture, heap dump, logcat, file manager and many other features. Tools OfTheTrade
  10. 10. QtADB Android Manager. Filemanager and applications manager, access to logs and shell,take screenshots, etc..* *Requires aapt that comes with Android SDK. Tools OfTheTrade
  11. 11. DEMO QtADB Tools OfTheTrade
  12. 12. Tool for converting .dex Android format to .class Java format. dex2jar Tools OfTheTrade
  13. 13. Java Decompiler with GUI to display java source code of class files. JD-GUI Tools OfTheTrade
  14. 14. Extract plain-text AndroidManifest.xml from APK. APKParser Tools OfTheTrade
  15. 15. Tool to analyse app behaviour during runtime and help to identify potential security issues. Introspy-Android + Introspy-Analyser Tool to Generate HTML reports based on the database generated by Introspy-Android. Tools OfTheTrade
  16. 16. Tool to bypass SSL certificate pinning for most applications * Android-SSL-TrustKiller *Custom pinning implementations may need custom hooking Tools OfTheTrade
  17. 17. Install Cydia Substrate + AndroidSSLTrustKiller Hint Turn off SSLTrustKiller: #1 #2 (Bypassing Pinning) Android-SSL-TrustKiller Tools OfTheTrade
  18. 18. Proxy Server CA Certificate Hint (Validate Pinning) #1 Browse to proxy server address and download certificate #2 Open file via File Manager #3 Save Certificate Validate Pinning Tools OfTheTrade
  19. 19. Android-SSL-TrustKiller Tools OfTheTrade DEMO
  20. 20. Security testing framework, great to determine app attack surface and interact with it. Drozer(ex-mercury) Tools OfTheTrade
  21. 21. DEMO Drozer(ex-mercury) Tools OfTheTrade
  22. 22. Integrated platform for security testing of web applications. For our context the main interest is in the Proxy funcionallity to intercept and inspect requests between the app and the backend. Burp Suite Tools OfTheTrade
  23. 23. Android Environment Sandboxing /data/data/app1 /data/data/app2 Process UID (10000) Process UID (10001) APP1 Dalvik APP2 Dalvik App Analysis
  24. 24. Android Application Components App Analysis Activities Services Broadcast Receivers Content Providers
  25. 25. Zip Archive Contains Dalvik class files, assets, resources and AndroidManifest.xml Stored at /data/app Android Application Package File (.apk) App Analysis
  26. 26. Presents information about the app to the system. Describes app components Define permissions AndroidManifest.xml App Analysis
  27. 27. XML format file with key-value pairs. App settings. Shared Preferences App Analysis
  28. 28. Single file relational database used to store application data and settings. SQLite Databases App Analysis
  29. 29. OWASPTop 10 Mobile Risks M1:Weak Server Side Controls M2: Insecure Data Storage M3: InsufficientTransport Layer Protection . . . . . . . . . App Analysis
  30. 30. GoatDroid App Analysis FourGoats is a location-based social network built for sharing everything about your life with everyone. Using FourGoats, you can check in at various places, earn loyalty rewards, and see what your friends are doing as well as where they are doing it. FourGoats also provides an API to other applications to allow their users to share even more of their activities than ever before!
  31. 31. GoatDroid App Analysis DEMO
  32. 32. DEMO GoatDroid App Analysis
  33. 33. App Analysis The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
  34. 34. DEMO App Analysis The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
  35. 35. Developers Heads Up • Insecure Data Storage - Shared Preferences without MODE_WORLD_READABLE. - Sensitive information should not be stored. If needed, should be encrypted from derivation of user Password/PIN and not with hardcoded encryption keys. Still vulnerable to offline brute-force. Enforce strong password policy. • InsufficientTransport Layer Protection - Apply SSL/TLS transport in channels that the app transmits sensitive information to the backend. - Implement Certificate Pinning if very sensitive information is transmitted.
  36. 36. • Client Side Injection - Only export components(Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers,Content Providers) that make sense and that cannot bypass access controls and leak Internal information. • Lack of Binary Protection - Obfuscate your code, at minimum with ProGuard. Dont make your attacker life easier. Developers Heads Up