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Creative media Definition


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I uploaded it so you (PRO) can comment below. I am not an expert but I have enough knowledge about Information Technology. I upload this because I applied for creative media course. Please comment below if what's your opinion? Thank you. :-)

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Creative media Definition

  1. 1. Creative MediaCreated byNicole Levy and Gemma Whalen
  2. 2. Interesting facts about Nicole• I have sufficient knowledge about InformationTechnology• When I do something wrong, I actually acknowledge that and correct it.• I love to play scrabble and even online word games.• I am friendly and treat everybody equally .• As much as possible, I don’t want to leave my work undone.
  3. 3. Interesting facts about Gemma• I like to read books when I have a chance.• I love watching whale wars and I like the SeaShepherd Conversation Society.• I like to set my goals and achieve them.• I like the walking dead.• I can really cook!
  4. 4. Creativity is the ability to restructureone’s understanding of a situation in anon – obvious way. In short, you obviously have tocreate your own ideas.TOPIC - Creative Media
  5. 5. Comprises Advertising Fashion and Textiles Film Music TV and Radio Publishing Performing arts Advertising Computer Games Interactive Media
  6. 6. Recipe to success Have a Focus Just do it Find meaning Think different Stay on target
  7. 7. ConclusionActionConnectionIs not about BECOMING more creative, it’s about BEING more creative.You have to think a mind-blowing ideas that the audience will startledand speechless, and you’ll get a perfect score.That is how Creative Media works.You have to be confident and focus on your target to be successful.Deviation