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[CB19] Wifi sniffing with the WifiKraken by Mike Spicer


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The WiFiKraken is the culmination of lessons learned during the last 3 years of wireless monitoring at DEFCON using wireless sniffing tools like the #WiFiCactus. This demo will show you the software and hardware needed to build a robust wireless monitoring sensor network that is capable of capturing everything up to 802.11ac including Bluetooth. This demo will include a distributed capture network that will take captured data from multiple nodes and send it back to a single capture server. This project will show you how to use advanced features of Kismet Wireless to increase the amount of data you capture. Wireless threats and attacker tactics will be discussed and identified as they happen in the environment. Data analytic techniques will be demonstrated and discussed using tools like Wireshark, NetworkMiner and PCAPinator.

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[CB19] Wifi sniffing with the WifiKraken by Mike Spicer

  1. 1. 7SLIDE DATA LEAKS sharing is caring! App API’s using HTTP Found in the DEFCON 26 dataset this API leaks location information from a ZTE Desktop Widget using Accu-Weather which likely has privileged access to location data on your phone. Host: Device: Android API Call: http://ztedesktopwidget.accu- data.asp?slat=36.11675439&slon=-115.1785 Lat/Lon: 36.11675439,-115.1785 Currently still using HTTP for the API.
  2. 2. 8SLIDE contact me @d4rkm4tter @d4rkm4tter_