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Appreciation Alain Bertrand - PW

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Appreciation Alain Bertrand - PW

  1. 1. Appreciation Name: _Alain Bertrand Reference Name: Patricia Watson Date: Sept. 6, 2015 Appreciation example and comments: Alain identified a need for organizations applying for O.L. funding to have training on terms and conditions of the Programs, application procedures and reporting requirements due to significant turnover in these non-profit organizations. He enlisted the participation of his team in developing and delivery of the training in various locations across Alberta. Alain contributed to the work of other programs at PCH. He was always ready to discuss possible funding alternatives with managers and staff in other programs. Alain worked with a temporary staff member and the O.L. team to produce a video highlighting official languages in Alberta. This was the first video produced in the Western Region of PCH. As Manager, O.L. programs for PCH in Alberta, Alain had responsibility for ensuring that Le rendezvous de la francophonie and Ronde Point were well organized and properly run in terms of PCH participation. Working with his team, he was able to manage these complex events professionally, always able to “put out fires”, ensure that participants were engaged and presenters well informed about their audience. Needless to say, these kinds of events are fraught with issues regarding timing, logistics and protocol and more importantly, communication with media, staff, attendees and other participating organizations. Alain rose to the challenge each and every year, efficiently allocating his resources, both human and financial, to ensure success. His success was due to his ability to remain calm and professional under all circumstances, his trust in his team and his ability to consult with colleagues and superiors when necessary. Alain demonstrates a quiet confidence. He is able to see the big picture, break it down into manageable tasks and get things done in a manner that his staff, colleagues and bosses appreciate. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alain again. He is professional, has excellent communication and interpersonal skills.