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Coqtail presentatie februari

Coqtail business presentation

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Coqtail presentatie februari

  1. 1. a creative marketing and technology agency
  2. 2. A B O U T U S Do we work in advertising? Are we in the business of building apps? Can we be brand advocates? Internationally minded and operating? Do we create movements and develop tools to drive and steer sales? The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. So, we are Coqtail. A digital concept and technology agency in Amsterdam. We create smart solutions with surprising results for the fashion and lifestyle industry. In 2011 Coen en Lukas came with the brilliant idea to join their forces: thought with creation. Et voilà; Coqtail was in the mix. Today we work with a team of 16 talented people, one Japanese dog and consume on average 1150 cups of coffee a month.
  3. 3. N U B I K K
  4. 4. N U B I K K Branding / E-commerce / Social media Not your average sneaker brand. Nubbik sneakers are designed with character. Renee and Daan the two owners of the brand Nubikk came walking into our office with some fresh sneakers and two bags of energy. Captured by their vision and drive we were inspired to create something something awesome for this brand. With the clean designs Bolden gave us we went back to the design studio and made small adaptions in the design. Afterwards we dove right into the development process. Nubikk is powered by Spree commerce.
  5. 5. THE GARME NT C LUB E-commerce platform / Website
  6. 6. E-commerce platform / Website Complimenten, bewonderend gefluit en lonkende blikken zijn enkele risico’s die The Garment Club met zich meebrengt. Onze enige missie is dat jij de best geklede man van de omgeving bent. Laat gratis een op maat gesneden box samenstellen door je personal shopper en betaal achteraf alleen voor de kleding die je houdt. Of laat je inspireren door de looks van onze maandelijks vernieuwende Garment Boxen.
  7. 7. LIND ENH OFF E-commerce platform / Website
  8. 8. E-commerce platform / Website By far one of the biggest challenges Coqtail ever faced; how to Reinvent grocery shopping online? This was the question received from one of the biggest suppliers of real quality food in the Netherlands - Lindenhoff. It took us over 240 designs to get the pages ready for our development team to start developing. We first launched a test website where we gathered all sorts of visitor data and launched one month later for the rest of the foodies with new updates for a better customer journey.
  9. 9. CRAVT
  10. 10. CRAVT Rebranding / New name / Social media / Media library / Website CRAVT Original produces exclusive furniture and accessories. Crafted by tradition, designed for the future. Products are handmade with the best materials and by the best artisans: craftsmen who fuse passion and expertise into eye-appealing brilliance. Coqtail was responsible for the rebranding of DKHome, created a new media platform and developed the website and B2B webshop.
  11. 11. LA SISTERS
  12. 12. S L A A N D F R O M T H E R E A N I D E A W A S B O R N . s i s a f a s h i o n l a b e l o w n e d a n d o p e r a t e d b y t w o s i s t e r s d A m b e r . Tw o y e a r s a g o w e d e c i d e d t o t u r n o u r h o b b y r e e r . I n s t e a d o f j u s t s h o p p i n g t h e c l o t h e s w e l i k e , w e g n t h e m o u r s e l f . T h e i d e a s t a r t e d t w o y e a r s a g o w h e n o n h o l i d a y i n L o s A n g e l e s . O u r i d e a w a s t o c r e a t e a n d C A R TL O O K B O O K C O L L E C T I O N J O U R N A L L O G I N L A S I S T E R S Website / Webshop Did you ever hear the story of the two sisters Lois and Amber, only 18 and 20 years of age, as beautiful as the first moon of the year and achieving succes on a daily basis? LA Sisters approached Coqtail for a new webshop and surprised us with the amount of orders they were able to ship off on a daily basis to happy customers. The LA Sisters webshop is developed with Spree Commerce, a Ruby on Rails powered e-commerce software application. LA Sisters also use Spree as a point of sale for sales to their retailers.
  13. 13. SUSUDIO
  14. 14. S U S U D I O Branding / Website Justin Bieber, P Diddy, Flo Rida, Akon and Mario Balotelli are just a few names to mention who are great admirers and wearers of the brand SUSUDIO, an Amsterdam based fashion label creating fashion with an edge. For SUSUDIO, Coqtail designed and developed the new website, created a brand statement, a brand book and new stationary.
  15. 15. AGILE DEVELOPMENT - Korte cyclussen - Wekelijks klantcontact - Prototyping - Inspelen op veranderende behoefte SPREE COMMERCE - Modulair - Gebouwd voor tailor made ontwikkelen - Geschikt voor Agile - Open Source - Goed te koppelen aan ERP en CMS systemen Ruby on Rails - Rapid Application Development - Convention over Configuration - Goede open source community - Schaalbaar - Modulair Dingen bouwen doen wij zo:
  16. 16. Branding Merknaam Brandstatement Brandmanual Styleguide Logo Huisstijl Online branding Webdesign Socialmedia ondersteuning Nieuwsbrief Socialmedia Strategie Content creatie Onderhoud Content creatie Copywriting Fotografie Film Jouw merk maken wij zo:
  17. 17. P O I N T O F S A L EB 2 CB 2 B
  18. 18. DRUPPEL This app will tell you when it’s safe to go outside without getting wet. At Coqtail we know that after rain comes sunshine or sometimes even more rain. Because Dutch people often travel by bike, we thought it would be nice to be alarmed when it’s going to rain and how much rain is going to drop. Druppel has a 2 hours prediction function and except for that, it alarms you when the rain starts within 10 minutes and when it will stop in 15 minutes.
  19. 19. B O / W I E Coqtail concept You never have to miss anything if it’s about fashion. With BO/ WIE you’ll stay up to date about all the latest fashion. Just like or dislike with the swap function. Follow your favorite designer, friends or brands. Every item you like you can swipe to the right. We give you the option to add a sale alert or to buy it in the online shop. But there is more, you can even share your wish list with your friends so you can dress like Kate Upton.
  20. 20. VIRATE Another app that makes our lives a bit easier. Virate brings reviewing to the next level. No more searching for reviews while considering if it’s a reasonable one. This video review app allows the user to evaluate and experience a vibe by moving image and review a product or service by filming it and share this self-made video with their smartphone. Instead of reading a review, you can now judge hotels, restaurants, clubs and events by the uploaded video’s
  21. 21. Proces: • Samen wekelijkse bijeenkomst • Design ◦ Inventariseren gedrag gebruikers ◦ Branding ◦ Voorbereiding content creatie ◦ Design richting bepalen ◦ Bespreken voortgang ◦ Prototypes laten zien ◦ feedback verzamelen ◦ Rinse and Repeat • Development ◦ Prototypes omzetten naar implementatie ◦ Wekelijks gemaakte features demo-en ◦ Wekelijks nieuwe features bespreken ◦ Toegang tot site om zelf te testen • Opleveringsfase ◦ Afronding features ◦ Laatste bugfixes ◦ Monitoring errors ◦ Training SpreeCommerce • Na Oplevering ◦ Advies omnichannel ervaring (inStore) ◦ 30 dagen bugfixing ◦ Bespreken eventuele nieuwe ontwikkelingen WERKWIJZE:
  22. 22. COEN FREDRIKS LUKAS JORISSEN JOCHEM SIEGEL FABIAN OUDHAARLEM ROBIN SCHILDMEIJERSILVIE BEEN KARIN DIJKSTRA Management / Sales / Account Management / Sales / Design Lead development Backend Developer Designer / Branding AccountancyDesigner UI/UIX EVELINE ROODERS Proces Manager VERNON DE GOEDE Backend Developer COQTAIL TEAM BERT MOSTERD Frontend Developer KEVIN HUIJSMAN Frontend Developer SOPHIE JORISSEN Social SHARVEEN KOESAL Branding HAYABUSA Akita / Mascotte NIELS JANSEN Design Intern
  23. 23. +31 (0)20 221 66 56 PHONE ADDRESS Kon. Wilhelminapln 13-1.16.08, 1062 HH Amsterdam The Netherlands MAIL CONTACT US