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Permanent Downhole Monitoring & Pump Automation


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Permanent Downhole Monitoring & Pump Automation

  1. 1. Continuous downhole pressure monitoring with the benefit of automated pump control.
  2. 2. Background • Automated fluid control system that eliminates guess work that can lead to costly mistakes. • Every engineer wishes that they could justify the automation of their artificial lift for low volume wells. NOW THEY CAN!! • GEO PSI and COGEDIS – TUNIS have put together a reliable and cost effective system for land based completions that provides immediate return on investment, by maximizing production and reducing downtime.
  3. 3. Key Features • The pump control system is universal and works with ANY progressive cavity pump drive head, pump jack, or esp. • Bottom hole pressure gauge provides real time fluid level and automatically controls the VFD. • The entire system is engineered for maximum reliablity. • EASY TO USE and convenient. On-site set up time for automation requires less than 10 minutes. • Data can be sent to head office via cell phone, satellite, scada, or XBEE protocol. Real time secure internet web interface.
  4. 4. Value • Optimize pump life through perfect pumping. • Precise fluid level control. • Reduce operating expenses caused by human error. • Alerts the customer about pump wear before the pump is worn out. • Alerts the customer to sanding before the pump is stuck. • Alerts you to a hole in the tubing or parted rods.
  5. 5. Value • Allows the customer to define preset warning levels for: – Fluid level – maximize production without pumping off – Torque – prevent sanding up. – Pump Speed – maximize pump life – Amps – parted rods – And more…… • 16 inputs (8 digital and 8 analog) – Customer can add casing pressure, motor temperature, flow meters, tank levels, Hz, Horse Power, and more. • Logging capability. Download ASCII data or direct to excel for reservoir analysis. Web interface.
  6. 6. The Smart Pumper Easy to use Display provides read out in field. US Patents
  7. 7. Web Interface Remote feed to head office.
  8. 8. Graph / Log Live Data Plot
  9. 9. GEO PRESSURE SYSTEMS INC - CO.GE.DIS Ltd Compagnie generale de Distribution / Tunis-Tunisia Tel: +216.20.063 342 / Fax: +216.71.774.689 –