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Linkedin Training for Business Development; Social Tailor

The slides used by me (Colin Gilchrist) as of February 2014 to deliver my LinkedIn Training session for Business Development.

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Linkedin Training for Business Development; Social Tailor

  1. 1. LinkedIn for Business Development February 2014 Colin Gilchrist Social Tailor
  2. 2. •Introductions •Name •Company •Role •Great Sales Experience?
  3. 3. Overview •Examples •Profile & Brand You! •Basics •Personal Profile •Business Profile •Applications
  4. 4. Overview •How To Use: Status Stream / Homepage • Find Warm Leads • Approach – Business Development • Groups: How To Use Why Create? • Contact Management • Best Practice
  6. 6. BRAND YOU
  7. 7. BRAND YOU Public
  8. 8. BRAND YOU Connections
  9. 9. Why Google Loves LinkedIn
  10. 10. •Who you are, less of a priority •What you want to achieve, huge priority •Keywords: be found! •Think NICHE •Strip out the clutter •Introduce Personality and Character Profile
  11. 11. Profile BASICS •Picture of you: •Not Wedding / Holiday •Not Company Logo
  12. 12. Profile BASICS •Set up using your Business Email
  13. 13. Profile BASICS •How you are viewed •Stalking / Search
  14. 14. Profile BASICS •Your web address •Spell it out!
  15. 15. Mail & Notifications •Inbox •Messages •Invitations •Sent •Endorsements •Connections (New) •Viewed your Profile •Company Updates (Like+)
  16. 16. Mail •Update your connections (50)
  17. 17. Endorsements •Be Selective •Don’t expect it in return •What does it mean to you?
  18. 18. Prioritise your Brilliance
  19. 19. Video Image Document Presentation
  20. 20. How to: •Use your Status Stream •Home Page
  21. 21. /today
  22. 22. Business Profile •Is your Business Page connected to your profile?
  23. 23. How to: •Find warm leads
  24. 24. The Approach
  25. 25. Approach •Stop Chasing •Stop Defending •Let go of the Sale •Focus on the Truth •Solve their Pain!
  26. 26. 50 Groups Max.
  27. 27. Groups •Have a specific Location •Have an Industry Focus •Think latterly •What problem are you solving? •Does it exist already?
  28. 28. Contact Management
  29. 29. Contacts •Bulk email by Tag •Business Development by Tag •Export to CRM / Database
  30. 30. Best Practice •Be Professional •Not Life History – enough to win •Grammar / Punctuation •Considerate Approach •Research Groups •Contact Management
  31. 31. Colin Gilchrist For The Social Tailor Tw: @colingilchrist Li: Ph: 0131 337 1968 W: Em: