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Operation organize


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2015 Honor Council Student Skills Conference presentation by Carlye Goldenberg, Lexi Walsh & Mrs. D'addario

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Operation organize

  1. 1. OperationOrganize By Carlye Goldenberg and Lexi Walsh
  2. 2. Whyorganize? Study EASIER by knowing where everything is Help DE-STRESS your life Complete assignments FASTER Staying organized NOW, will help you LATER These skills building more BINDERS & STUDY GUIDES FUN, CREATIVE, and INTERESTING!
  3. 3. YourBinder
  4. 4. Today’sProject! Temporary binders to help organize material for the upcoming exams
  5. 5. Whatyouneed Markers, pencils, pens Colored paper Hole punch Yarn Scissors Painting tape Rulers Manilla folders
  7. 7. HowtoBuild 1)Collect 4 manilla folders 2)Cut each manilla folder in half down the crease 3)Put the half with a tab off to the side (side A) 4)On side B, use the ruler to create your preferable pocket size 5)Stack all of your side B’s and cut down the line 6)Use painters tape along the edges to attach side B to side A (alternate the direction of the tab)
  8. 8. IDeasforTabs 1)Lab Reports 2)Homework 3)Graded assignments 4)Notes 5)Printed Powerpoints 6)Vocabulary/Grammar (World Lang.) 7)Books
  9. 9. Decoratingyourfolder Be creative Personalized to subject Personalized to you Fun!
  10. 10. END-PleaseHelpUSCleanUp Thankyou!!
  11. 11. Thankyouforcomingtoourseminar
  12. 12. ImageWorksCited e0331o0&pid=15.1&P=0&w=300&h=300 https://s-media-cache- .jpg