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Smartphones apps for productivity


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Honor Council Student Skills Conference 2015 presentation by Jackie Reeb & Mr. Doherty

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Smartphones apps for productivity

  1. 1. Smartphones Apps for Productivity Type this into a browser: Jackie Reeb and David Doherty
  2. 2. Siri/Cortana Set timer Set Alarm Create Reminder Turn on Airplane Mode/ Do not Disturb
  3. 3. Set Timer Set Alarm
  4. 4. Reminders and Airplane Mode/Do Not Disturb
  5. 5. The Pomodoro Technique
  6. 6. Click here for more Pomodoro techniques and tips.
  7. 7. To-Do Apps Reminders Google Keep Wunderlist Others to check out: Todoist AnyDo Trello
  8. 8. Reminders Google Keep Wunderlist
  9. 9. Evernote Note-taking App Web Clipper Photos Handwriting Share and email notes
  10. 10. Web Clipping & Scanning Documents
  11. 11. Calendars Sunrise (free) Google Calendar (free) iCal
  12. 12. Sunrise Google Calendar iCal