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A Look into CyberAlert Media Monitoring & Measurement Services


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CyberAlert's local, national and worldwide press clipping, news monitoring, broadcast monitoring. social media monitoring and media intelligence services offer today's best all-in-one media monitoring solution.

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A Look into CyberAlert Media Monitoring & Measurement Services

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  2. 2. Introduction: CyberAlert Media Monitoring Service CyberAlert is a fully-integrated, high-quality worldwide media monitoring service offering Today’s Best Media Monitoring Value
  3. 3. CyberAlert Media Monitoring Features • Unequaled local, national and worldwide news coverage • Extraordinarily accurate clipping • Timely e-mail news alerts • Full-featured online dashboard to store and manage full text of all media clips • Measurement data • Customized features to meet each customer’s exact needs.
  4. 4. Integrated Media Monitoring Services • Online News Monitoring • TV News Monitoring • Radio News Monitoring • Social Media Monitoring • Media Evaluation & Measurement
  5. 5. Online News Monitoring Service • 55,000+ online news sources in 191 countries in most every language • • News wires and syndication services • Newspapers • Consumer magazines • Trade journals • Online only news sources • Broadcaster websites Customized media coverage selection • Delivers email alerts on custom schedules • Stores all clips in fully searchable online database • Full-featured dashboard for clip management
  6. 6. News Alerts CyberAlert Delivers Email News Alerts daily. News Alerts also include all media coverage – Online news, broadcast, and social media.
  7. 7. Searching Capability: Advanced Query & Filtering • Boolean Search Queries • AND • OR • AND NOT • Proximity • Plurals and possessives • Regular Expressions • Multiple incidents • Capitalization • More • Importance Filter • Same Story Exclusion Filter
  8. 8. Add-On News Monitoring Features • Rush Clips – Delivery multiple times per day to client specifications • CyberAlert SSE – Media intelligence service filters out duplicates of same article • IntelliClips – Human editing of each day’s delivered clips • News-on-Your-Site – Selected news articles automatically published on client website • Daily News Brief – Executive news summary • Omnibus News Feed – All of the day’s articles (1+ million) delivered each day via HTTP or FTP feed • XML Format – All clips delivered in XML formatted files
  9. 9. News-on-Your-Site • Quick and simple way to select, edit and display industry news and feature articles directly on your company website • Automated RSS feeds available to integrate with tools such as WordPress News Displayed on site
  10. 10. Daily News Brief (Newsletter) • Customized News Brief Service for executives. Can also be designed for customers, partners, suppliers, members or other constituents. • Contains that day's “important stories” for targeted audiences • Can include TV video clips or social media content too • Style, color palette customized to client specifications. Online article selection and editing system allows you to access the news stories at anytime from anywhere • Editing by CyberAlert -- Seasoned editor from CyberAlert sifts, selects and summarizes important articles according to your organization’s specific needs and instructions Sample
  11. 11. Omnibus News Feed Worldwide news aggregation service that customizes content to meet specific customer requirements. • Monitors content posted in 55,000+ news sources, totaling nearly 1 million news articles each day in over 250 languages • Tracks content in all directories and sub-directories, assuring all-inclusive coverage with near-zero missed articles • Employs advanced filters to delete duplicate articles • Delivered daily in XML format • Meta tags and site ranking data available
  12. 12. CyberAlert Dashboard • Digital media management dashboard • Create custom media reports & newsletters • Charts & assessment tools • Online access 24/7 • Organize media coverage by media type, campaign, keyword, or topic • Unlimited archiving
  13. 13. Media Analysis • • Qualitative and quantitative tools for media measurement Generate results within seconds that include over 500 different graphs and charts
  14. 14. Qualitative Assessment • Clients can measure news and social media clips by tone, subject, author, story type, prominence, dominance, messages, quoted personnel, project/region/division, and a custom category open for client specifications.
  15. 15. TV News & Talk Show Monitoring Monitors and captures closed caption text, audio and video from network news, cable news programs and syndicated talk shows, and local TV stations. CyberAlert offers four distinct levels of TV broadcast news monitoring: Top 100 Markets • Closed caption text of local TV news programs • Closed caption text + preview video. Nielsen ratings attached to each clip. All 210 Markets • Closed caption text of national networks and local TV stations in all 210 U.S. markets with Nielsen ratings attached to each clip. • Closed caption text + preview video. Nielsen ratings attached to each clip. High definition video clips delivered via downloaded files or DVD.
  16. 16. Examples
  17. 17. Radio News & Talk Monitoring Speech-to-text news and talk radio monitoring in the top 50 U.S. markets. • Monitors more than 250 radio stations for clients’ key words. • Delivers overnight alerts of all identified radio clips; faster possible. • Stores text of radio clips in online database with full-featured dashboard. • High-quality audio clips available as downloadable files.
  18. 18. Social Media Monitoring Utilizes multiple monitoring methods including RSS feeds, search engine queries, and our proprietary spiders. • BlogSquirrel Monitors 10+ million blog postings every day from a total of 125+ million blogs. • Netpinions Monitors 100,000+ message boards, forums, and Usenet News Groups each day. Capable of monitoring most any message board including Yahoo. • CyberAlert VDO Monitors 200+ online video sharing sites such as YouTube, including video on websites of national news sources such as CNN. • Twitter Monitoring Gathers full Twitter API to gather every Tweet containing key words. • Facebook Monitoring Captures public Facebook postings containing key words or phrases.
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