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ADTECH&DATA 2017 - Palestra "Como o header bidding está mudando a mídia programática"

Apresentação com Mike McNeeley - AppNexus

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ADTECH&DATA 2017 - Palestra "Como o header bidding está mudando a mídia programática"

  1. 1. COMO HEADER BIDDING ESTÁ MUDANDO A MÍDIA PROGRAMÁTICA. M I K E M C N E E L E Y D i r e c t o r, P r o d u c t L i n e M a n a g e m e n t A P P N E X U S
  2. 2. A Popular Topic O que é e como funciona o header bidding Já ouviu falar em header bidding? ‘ WTF is header bidding?’ ‘The Rise Of 'Header Bidding' and The End of The Publisher Waterfall’
  3. 3. Agenda ▪ Why Should You Care About Header Bidding? ▪ What is Prebid? ▪ How is Header Bidding Changing Programmatic?
  4. 4. Header Bidding A technique for publishers to make every impression available programmatically and ensure real-time competition.
  5. 5. The Old Way – Waterfall Allocation SSPs & exchanges can’t bid on impressions they don’t see. The waterfall is a guessing game and not real-time. Img Source (but modified):
  6. 6. Header Bidding Manifesto 1. Remove the waterfall and manual guess-work of allocating impressions to SSP partners. 2. Make each of the publisher’s partners – including Google Ad Exchange – compete on every impression with actual bid values. 3. Give SSPs, buyers, & data providers access to 100% of a publisher’s supply. Better inventory, lower frequency impressions, etc. 4. Let publishers choose the marketplaces they want to work with – niche, independent, or local players.
  7. 7. The New Way – Header Bidding Actual Img Source (but modified):
  8. 8. Case Study COMPETITION 40% FROM AdX OF REVENUE PROFITABLE 2xLIFT IN eCPMs NO MATERIAL CHANGE IN UX NO COMPETITION 90% FROM AdX OF REVENUE UNPROFITABLE part of Brazil case study available at IAB Happy Hour this afternoon
  9. 9. Prebid 1. A community of publishers & companies making Header Bidding easier, faster, and standardized. 2. A free & open code library to help publishers integrate and manage header bidding partners across web, mobile, and video.
  10. 10. Header Bidding Without Standards Is Bad For Everyone Blocking Synchronous Ad Calls Example – an old & bad setup took 5 seconds for five partners. Things are different now… we can do better. Prebid addressing setup time, partner code conflicts, pixel policies, ad calls, and bid bucket standards for Header bidding. Header Bidding Without Standards Is Bad For Everyone
  11. 11. 11 Blocking Synchronous Ad Calls Prebid Asynchronous Ad Calls Positive Impact • 5 seconds  < 1 second • Does not block page content Header Bidding Done Right – e.g. Ad Calls
  12. 12. 1. Free & open source project – the publisher community drives partner adoption. 2. Fair & unbiased code & SDK 3. Minimized latency and configurable timeout 4. One integration to access major partners 5. Mobile, video, and native support Why Prebid is the Leading Technology
  13. 13. Prebid and others are making header bidding easy, collaborative, and transparent. 1,600 of top 5,000 domains* using Prebid +60 adaptors offer plug-and-play setup Support & contribution from partners like Rubicon and Facebook *AppNexus web crawler estimate State of Header Bidding and Prebid
  14. 14. AppNexus Header Bidding Webinar 21 de Setembro, totalmente em português! IAB Happy Hour and Case Study Enjoy the cocktail we are sponsoring and please take a look at the Brazilian Header Bidding Case Study. Header Bidding Brazil Status 20+ publishers are now monetizing using Header Bidding in Brazil LEARN MORE: to participate email
  15. 15. How Header Bidding is Changing Programmatic
  16. 16. #adtechdata OBRIGADO!