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AEM 6 DAM - Integrations, Integrations, Integrations


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Presentation “AEM 6 DAM - Integrations, Integrations, Integrations“ by Jakub Kaniewski at CONNECT Web Experience in Basel on June 24/25, 2015.

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AEM 6 DAM - Integrations, Integrations, Integrations

  1. 1. Jakub Kaniewski Adobe Global Solutions Shared Services Twitter: @JKan997 AEM DAM Integrations
  2. 2. •  Senior Solution Architect at Adobe Demo Center (Adobe GSSS) •  Working on DAM prototypes with customers •, social mapping system emphasizing creating content on free licenses co-founder (JCR based) •  More or less active contributor to the spatial libraries (Dymo.JS, gpc2as etc.) Few words about me
  3. 3. AEM DAM - three topics in twenty minutes 3 AEM DAM with FrameMaker Publishing Server AEM DAM with native browser rendering engines AEM DAM with Geo Spatial data
  4. 4. What is FrameMaker? Adobe FrameMaker is a template-based authoring and publishing solution for unstructured, structured and XML content. Who uses FrameMaker? §  Technical communicators, information architects/ designers/developers, training developers, and other documentation specialists §  Writers and editors §  Subject matter experts and engineers 4
  5. 5. 5 Who is using FrameMaker?
  6. 6. Standardize and Streamline Content Development §  Consistent, template-driven formatting §  Stable environment for creating 1,000s of pages of documentation §  Robust conditional text capabilities for delivering specialized content §  Rich media support to create more engaging content §  Complete toolkit to convert style-based content into XML §  Server version for scheduled automated processing 6 Time for demo…
  7. 7. AEM DAM Frame Maker Publishing Server 2015 Integration – cook book •  Post scheduled Frame Maker operation after uploads to DAM •  Don’t worry about moving files Frame Maker Publishing Server will handle itself reading from AEM repo and writing PDF again •  Handle async incoming file with workflow •  Parallel execution – not an issue (will not happen) 7
  8. 8. Time for demo… AEM DAM native Web Rendering Engine – cook book 8 •  Render your HTML in industry quality in industry quality •  Render your SVG with scripts. •  Invoke scripts on loaded assets
  9. 9. AEM DAM native Web Rendering Engine 9 •  Use PhantomJS (WebKit engine) or SlimerJS (Firefox engine) •  Customize PhantomJS script – it can connect directly to AEM •  Worry about parallel execution – PhantomJS does not like it •  Handle incoming file with workflow Time for demo…
  10. 10. What Geo Spatial Assets we can story in DAM? 10 Lines Shapes Photos Raster Videos Points
  11. 11. DAM and Geo Spatial Assets - raster content 11
  12. 12. DAM and Geo Spatial Assets - cook book 12 •  Explode geo data to DAM metadata (do some calculations if required) •  Index everything in SOLR, defining spatial index before. •  Create custom video player to consume GPX content •  Use native GDAL calls for geospatial raster transformation
  13. 13. Any questions?
  14. 14. Thank you for attending