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#MozCon 2015 - Day One Recap & Coverage


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Recap quotes and highlights from the speakers of #mozcon 2015.

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#MozCon 2015 - Day One Recap & Coverage

  1. 1. All of the best quotes, stats, tools, and more!
  2. 2. Rand Fishkin In 2015, survey respondents in the Moz industry survey spent more time on brand strategy, content curation, managing people, PR, and social – but less time on link building.
  3. 3. Good marketing makes people make decisions that they’re unconscious of. Every time your brand slips up, it’s a distraction from that. Dana DiTomaso
  4. 4. When you’re writing a brand strategy, start with what the brand isn’t. It’s easier for people to say “that’s not us.” Dana DiTomaso
  5. 5. A lot of companies expect their customers to be loyal to them, but they are not loyal to their customers. Dana DiTomaso
  6. 6. Kristina Halvorson Content strategy is about answering not just what, but why, how, when, for whom, by whom, with what, where, how often, and what’s next.
  7. 7. Kristina Halvorson There are four parts to getting strategy done. 1. Assessment, analysis, and strategy 2. Architecture and editorial: content and structure piece 3. Implementation: how do we get it done? 4. Maintenance: what do we do next?
  8. 8. Kristina Halvorson If you want to get buy-in for content strategy, focus on the pain points. Where does it hurt, and where can content strategy deliver a smart solution?
  9. 9. 79% of marketers are shifting to branded or paid content. NYT paid post was 35% of their shares in the vertical. Users didn’t just read it, they shared it, even though it was an ad. NPR paid post was 55% of their shares in the vertical. No one cares if content is paid or sponsored if it’s good. Matthew Brown
  10. 10. Old Content Promotion: get all the links and shares to the hub. New Content Promotion: Publish to all the streams that work for your audience. Matthew Brown
  11. 11. Every site and brand could have a different secret sauce. It takes 12-17 months to figure this out. Content programs are not usually something that’s going to work in the first 90 days. Matthew Brown
  12. 12. Duane Brown Remarketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep your daily frequency to 2-3 ads per day to avoid brand fatigue.
  13. 13. Easy SEO tip using PPC data: Identify your content gaps - see where paid search is the only entrance path and adjust SEO accordingly for more organic traffic. Stephanie Wallace
  14. 14. Analytics is hard – it’s a bit of a data black hole. We collect a lot of data, it kind of just sits there, and we don’t know what to do with it. Adrian Vender
  15. 15. Just a small handful of things that are easier to track with Google Tag Manager: • Content scrolling. • Outbound links. • YouTube and Vimeo. • URL Fragments (i.e., AJAX pages) Adrian Vender
  16. 16. Marta Turek Quick ways to stop wasting time in meetings: • Decline meetings with no clear agenda. • Avoid last minute invites. • Avoid 30-min gaps between meetings. • Block off your own 2-4 hour work invites in your calendar.
  17. 17. Marta Turek Stay focused to use time more effectively: • Switch off all pings, popups, & notifications. • Do not check email. It takes 20 minutes to get back to the level of focus you had after a distraction. • Time yourself - understand how long work actually takes.
  18. 18. Marta Turek Email is not a storage container. It’s a shipping container. Email is where information goes to die.
  19. 19. Marta Turek Use email more effectively: • Use more detailed subject lines. You’ll see this reciprocated. • You don’t always need to send an email. Instead, you want to move your communication to the relevant platform. • Use a shared Google doc to collaborate on and house agendas. You’ll also keep your meeting notes there.
  20. 20. The one-size-fits-all web is dead… and lazy. “ Email and remarketing] are proven channels to get people to do what you want them to do, and you need to start personalizing them. Cara Harshman
  21. 21. B2B SaaS? Quick personalization idea: • Give larger potential customers a higher touch CTA – “Request A Demo”. • Give SMB potential customers a lower- touch CTA – “Try it Now” Cara Harshman
  22. 22. A framework for web personalization: • Figure out who to target. • Decide what to show them. • Prioritize your testing efforts. Cara Harshman
  23. 23. Prioritizing your web personalization has 3 components: 1. The potential business impact 2. Technical effort to execute 3. The requirements to sustain it Cara Harshman
  24. 24. Marty Weintraub If your audience is large enough, focus on combining two root behaviors to further segment. For example, people with mortgages from 2000-2008 who are also veterans.
  25. 25. Marty Weintraub New expectations for the modern marketer: If you spend any time or money on sending traffic to a URL, you need to hand that over to a performance marketer via cookie pool.
  26. 26. Marty Weintraub Just like brand terms are a brand asset, so are our curated lists of audiences that we’ve built from customer profiles & traffic to our website. We call these owned audience cookie pools.
  27. 27. Marty Weintraub If you’re going to retarget everyone that comes to your website, why not retarget the ones that are rich and love to buy that shit?
  28. 28. Marty Weintraub If you’re not willing to segment your creative, you need to ask yourself why you’re bothering with segmentation in the first place.