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#MozCon 2015 - Day Two Recap & Coverage


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Recap quotes and highlights from the speakers of #mozcon 2015, day two.

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#MozCon 2015 - Day Two Recap & Coverage

  1. 1. All of the best quotes, stats, tools, and more!
  2. 2. Dr. Pete If you look at this and see just 2 organic opportunities, you’re missing out on 22 actual opportunities:
  3. 3. Settings that impact mobile search: • Logged in or out • Chrome vs. Google Now • Location and privacy • Android vs. iOS Cindy Krum
  4. 4. The fundamental change in Google’s big mobile update was the separation of the desktop and mobile crawling functions. The desktop crawl is for content and desktop rendering – the mobile crawl just focuses on rendering. Cindy Krum
  5. 5. Mobile UX signals aren’t yet used by Google to evaluate rankings – but they’re probably next, along with improving page speed with images. Cindy Krum
  6. 6. Google LOVES intent. Top desktop navigation is sorted based on the search query, but device & mobile intent also matters - it’s a ranking factor. Cindy Krum
  7. 7. App packs are huge and can replace up to 6 organic listings. There’s also 5 types of app results: App pack, single apps, app carousels, icon deep links, and text deep links. Cindy Krum
  8. 8. App packs are huge and can replace up to 6 organic listings. There’s also 5 types of app results: App pack, single apps, app carousels, icon deep links, and text deep links. Cindy Krum
  9. 9. Adam Singer You should be spending 90% of your digital analytics budget on your team members and 10% on the software. Your analysts need to have business acumen, nerd skills, and vision.
  10. 10. Adam Singer Create a process for data requests – set up an email like data- that anyone in the company can request information from.
  11. 11. Adam Singer As marketers our data sources are rapidly increasing. If you can get it connected to the Internet, you can measure it in Google analytics. The data import feature allows you to bring anything you want into Google analytics.
  12. 12. When getting C-Suite buy-in on SEO, identify risks that could slow growth: • Delays in execution of content • Google updates • Issues with site updates • How quickly technical aspects can be resolved Once the C-suite is aware of these, you won’t look defensive when they happen because you’ve spelled out potential issues in advance. Purna Virji
  13. 13. How to prep for a meeting with C-Suite: 1. Prepare answers for tough questions Why are we focusing on X first? How do you know Y will work? Can’t you do Z in half the time? 2. Prepare relevant examples (case studies and research) We know X can work because… Moz recently shared a study on Y… In the past, when we did Z, it performed… 3. Create tactical execution plans 4. Set communication cadence Purna Virji
  14. 14. Tamara Gielen While building email campaigns you need to think about what people will want to buy from you before they even think about it. When email marketing is done well, it’s not marketing, it’s a service.
  15. 15. Tamara Gielen Three steps to email marketing success: 1. Who is your ideal customer? Who are these people? What are their objectives, challenges, and potential objectives? 2. What is their journey? Where do they find you? Where do they drop off? Where you can assist them at different touchpoints? Where can you give them a little push to move them through that journey? 3. How can you assist them? Find the drop-off points. Where can you give them a little push to move them through that journey?
  16. 16. Tamara Gielen 7 Email Types to Assist Customers On Their Journey: 1. Welcome / Activation / Onboarding programs 2. Thank customers for being customers 3. Recovery Program 4. Abandoned shopping carts. 5. Up-sell / Cross-sell Program 6. Follow-up Program 7. Renewal / Replenishment Program 8. Surprise and Delight 9. Reactivation
  17. 17. To launch a successful community, you need to use the CHIP approach to build credibility: • Create content • Host events • Interview experts • Participate in existing groups Rich Millington
  18. 18. You have a 15-minute window to persuade a member to share an experience, opinion, or problem. • Use your confirmation email in a better way. • What are your members thinking? • What are your members doing? • What have you recently learned? • What do your members need help with? If you can’t convert 50% of your new members, stop with promotion and focus on engagement. Rich Millington
  19. 19. Your community should be based around something that POPS: • Problem • Opportunity • Passion • Status Rich
  20. 20. Marshall Simmonds Dark traffic is a problem for marketers because we’re not getting credit for traffic that we’re creating. Dark search, dark mobile, and dark social are all causing problems.
  21. 21. Marshall Simmonds Google Search Console data trends accurately – but we’ve never seen it actually match our real numbers.
  22. 22. Local search is based on proximity, relevance, prominence. The searcher became the centroid in the last Google update. It was previously the city center. Mary Bowling
  23. 23. Wil Reynolds There are two groups of people who might buy your product: • The people who need your product • The people who search for your product. Search marketers are only talking to half of that group.