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Help 20 Moroccan women support their community with beekeeping


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The beekeeping sector plays an important socio-economic importance. In fact, more than 20,000 farmers earn income all or part of this activity. Increasingly, the beekeeping plays an important role in the pollination of cultivated and natural plants and improves the quantity and quality of crops, including the tree fruit, gardening, and industrial crops. Increasing interest has manifested in recent years, the potential for beekeeping.
as a development tool. This reflects a willingness to direct more efforts towards developing small projects and support local initiatives. More beekeeping allows people to use natural resources - bees and flowers - without damaging the environment. Honey and beeswax are highly sought after in the world. In Morocco itself, honey is highly prized for its taste and nutritional value but also for its therapeutic properties and, in some
Cultures, its magical properties

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Help 20 Moroccan women support their community with beekeeping

  1. 1. Help 20 Moroccan women supporttheir community with beekeeping
  2. 2. Summary• The beekeeping project of the cooperative aims to diversify sources of income for rural women and men, to minimize the impact of poverty by creating jobs, limiting the rural exodus, the improvement of social and economic poor families beekeeping allows people to use natural resources - the bees and flowers - without damaging the environment
  3. 3. Project
  4. 4. What is the issue, problem, or challenge?• the results of diagnostic performance have highlighted weaknesses that will be addressed through the activities of this project. These weaknesses are - Lack of posts WORKED - Lack of income for rural women and men - The incidence of poverty - Migration to cities and other countries - Dropping out
  5. 5. Local project
  6. 6. woman without working
  7. 7. How will this project solve this problem?• Among the most important needs and desires imposed by the local community to provide income for families and create jobs and reducing migration and poverty. the willingness of this project is to create jobs for women, men and improve their professional capacity and provide income for poor families, which allow the fight against illegal immigration and the fight against poverty and improve the return on the activity of beekeeping local vegetation is a major socio- economic
  8. 8. poor family
  9. 9. Potential Long Term Impact• Beneficiaries improve the conduct of modern beekeeping husbandry, actively participate in the socio-economic advancement. At the end of Douar project income will increase, allowing each recipient to enjoy a good annual income. In the environment and natural pollination of crops and improve the quantity and quality of crops and industrial crops. This will allow local and regional farmers to benefit from a good harvest and income
  10. 10. traditional project
  11. 11. modern project
  12. 12. Donate• This project has also been a miracle in my life,I became one of the bénéficaires! What would I have done without
  13. 13. donate• Dear donors and supporters consider our appeal to support our project, in November 2012, challenge open.
  14. 14. What would I have done without• It is difficult to feed six children when neither you nor your husband works. This cooperative is my hope but you aid:
  15. 15. tamaloute• I think tamaloute saved me and showed me how to build a better future for me and my family. This is what tamaloute is to help women make a better world and have income for themselves and their families.
  16. 16. impact• Support our projects organization, we mobilize funds for the fight against poverty and rural exodus by creating stable incomes for rural women email: project site: