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Iping england (team 1)


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iping england

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Iping england (team 1)

  1. 1. Iping, England By: Anisah Enciso, Sebastian Blanchet, Fernando Higuera, Laura Valades
  2. 2. Iping, England  Employment and Job Opportunity Information Iping  Agriculture  Medical and Psyschological Care in Iping  Amusement in Iping  Educational System in Iping  Famous Citizens of Iping  Safety  Recent Events in Iping
  3. 3. Empolyment and Job opportunities  In Iping you always have a title in whichever job you have. For example if you are a seller of ale you would be called an Ale Draper  Right now the factory system is gradually replacing the system when people work in their own house or small workshop  Children now in textile factories work up to 12 hours a day  Here in Iping nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to work at night from 8:30pm to 5:30 am  Every child in between the ages of 9 and 13 are given two hours of education every day so they can go off to work  There is now a law that no woman can work up to 56 hours a week  Here many boys go up the chimney to clean it Sebastian Blanchet
  4. 4. Agriculture  In Iping most of our working class is based on butter, bacon, potatoes, and bread!  Since we are starting to have the railroads and more transportation there was food being imported form North America which causes our bread to be cheaper!  Now we are starting to eat better food than before  Our poor light soil and the marshlands spread to all types of farming  Since refrigeration started we are able to have meat being imported form Argentina and Australia Sebastian Blanchet
  5. 5. Medical and Psychological Care in Iping Here in Iping we offer special operating rooms. Our special surgical rooms are seperate rooms that surguries are performed in, not in the typical doctors office desk. This method of seperate operating rooms makes it very sanitary and provides more attention to the patients. We offer special vaccines such as the typhoid vaccine and the rabies vaccine.We are also home to one of ten Boots & Co. Ld Drug Store! We are proud to see how far technology has advanced. We know carry one of the few new fascinating x-rays which are Here in Iping we do not have medical schools but if interested The School of Medicine in Cardiff is a great option if you would like to be a part of the medicine world! Here in Iping all our towns are a short distance away, some include: Bramblehurst, Adderdean , Port Stowe, and Burdock. Anisah Enciso Example of a x-ray of a hand
  6. 6. Amusements  While being here in Iping, there are many wonderful restaurants and pubs! Some listed down below are our opinions on some well known restaurants and pubs. A reminder that the legal drinking age in Iping, England is 18.  Note: Here in Iping we have consequences for drinking alcohol excessively. A fine will be paid and anything done under the influence against our laws will be punished the same as if you were not drunk.  Homebrewing is allowed here in Iping under the circumstance that you do not sell the beer made. If interested in brewing your own beer some ingredients you will need are malt extract and yeast. You can try purchasing this at a grocery store in Burdock, a town nearby.  On your trip to Iping you may want to stop for some food. That place is going to be Sidderbridge Junction. Sidderbridge contains many places to stop for some food and drink.  If wanting to stop and stay at Iping we recommend the "Coach and Horses Inn". Wonderful Burton Brewers advertisement service but at times can be really slow. Food is also served, but as mentioned, you have to wait some time. Mrs.Hall , the keeper here, is a wonderful host and is always ready to welcome in people. The type of food served here is chicken or meat with potatoes and vegetables on the side. Sometimes the wait is worth waiting!  If you are a beer drinking kind of person our most recommended is Burton. It comes directly from the town of Burton! Anisah Enciso
  7. 7. Amusements  If you happen to come to Iping to shop or just want to shop during your visit here we recommend you visit the town of Burdock! The Emporiums are always full of clothing and home decor! There are also some grocery stores nearby.  Being caught up on the fashion her in Iping is a very important thing! How you dress can say a lot about you and for this we are going to help you keep up on all of the trends now a days!  Thick long skirts with long sleeves are what you will wear most because here in England it does get cold! A hat is always a nice touch! You can find some of these clothes in "Omniums". It is located on Gower Street and Tottenham Court Road.  Omniums is a great store considering it sells everything from clothes to meat and your groceries, linen, furniture and even oil paintings! Sometimes you can even find small stores inside this huge store of Omniums! Anisah Enciso Fashion in Iping, England
  8. 8. Educational system We have many schools here in England such as our Arts University Bournemouth in Poole, Dorset. Or our University of Bristol, University of Brighton, and University of Nottingham. These are some of our many schools that you could attend in England. Fernando Higuera
  9. 9. Famous Citizens  There are many important citizens here in England. One amazing example is Stan Laurel, you may have seen him in the big screen in The Music Box. And very important person here in England, our queen, her majesty, Queen Victoria.  If you enjoy reading, who doesn't, be sure to check outThe Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskervilles written by our very own Arthur Conan Doyle. These books are great if you are a fan of mystery and crime. Arthur Conan Doyle Queen Victoria Fernando Higuera
  10. 10. Safety  Here in Iping there is a string of robberies known as 'garrotting'. The robberies are petty though.There are also more robberies than assults.  The government has decided to remove all prisons from local government, so now the federal government has complete control over the prison system.  There were aid socities for female prisioners. The aid societies were sort of like a refuge instead of a prison.  In Iping, there is also people who can protect you against these robbberies like Mr. Jaffers, who is the local constable. Laura Valades
  11. 11. Recent Events  Queen Victoria just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee at Windsor Castle. It was celebrated on June 20. We congraulate her majasty on 60 years on the English throne, serving the country most faithfully. She celebarated by having a service, in which she gave thanks.  The Liberal party has also just been put in charge. We wish you luck.  England is known as the worldwide empire on which the sun never sets. There has been a lot of industrial expansion, and economic progress. Laura Valades